Presenter Jenni Falconer, aged 39, uncomfortable with her body in a bikini, husband James Midgley disagrees

September 8, 2015
First Published On: September 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Scottish radio and television presenter Jenni Falconer, aged 39 recently revealed that she does not feel very comfortable flashing her sexy and toned body on screen. The TV host is most popularly known for her role as the host of the ITV daytime show This Morning. The show features Jenni as a regular travel reporter which demands her shooting outdoor in exotic places quite often and most of the time in bikini. But, as Jenni herself said, it would "take a lot" to get her in a bikini on-screen nowadays.

The presenter spoke exclusively to and said how wearing swimsuit while presenting her show for the ITV1 embarrasses her despite doing it on several beautiful places. During the interview the blonde beauty talked about various things from her body confidence to nasty online trolls.

"I usually wore a little sundress or a sarong,” said Jenni when asked about how she felt about wearing bikinis on work.

"The only time I wore a bikini on-screen was when I was coming out of the water… It was always a massive ordeal for me. I find it quite embarrassing.

"There were times that I knew I was going to be in a bikini, and I would go a run in the morning and not pig out until afterwards. I haven't done shots like that in 10 years!"

The mother of one seems to find herself in a difficult situation while doing her show in a bikini. The bob haired beauty said that she is quite self-conscious about her body and stated that wearing a two piece would depend upon her level of confidence.

"It depends where my body confidence was at. It would take a lot… I'm quite self-conscious."

The blondie also recalled the time when she got a disgusting and mean tweets on her Twitter handle but she never really received anything that would bring her down. She added how TV presenters like her got to be “thick-skinned” to deal with all the nasty hate comments they receive online.

She said: "There's been occasions when I've got a tweet that's a bit disgusting or a little bit brave, but I've never received anything that I'd complain about.

"I've learnt to ignore it. Everyone has their own opinion and everyone can say what they want, that's what's brilliant about social media. But what gives people the right to judge someone else?

"I remember when I was pregnant, some people didn't like my choice of maternity wear. I wore a tight red dress, and some people thought it was too racy for daytime TV. That's their opinion, I wouldn't judge what their wearing. You have to be thick-skinned and not rise to it," she advised.

Despite lacking confidence on her body, one can’t deny a fact that the pre-breakfast show presenter on Heart FM has an envious body. She is one lucky girl who has been blessed with a perfectly shaped figure and no matter what she wears she looks pretty beautiful and hot. And there’s another person who agrees with us.

Cutting It star and Jenni’s beloved husband, James Midgley believes that his wife looks absolutely perfect in bikini. Jenni may deny it but her other half thinks that his lady love has perfectly toned legs and sexy figure that would make anyone’s heart leap. So if her own husband feels she is perfect, why does Jenni have to worry about it? Be free Jenny, and rock your body on sexy swimwear!!  

Jenni and Midgley, a TV cameraman and producer/director and actor live with their three-year-old baby girl Ella in south-west London. The couple got married in 2010 in a lavish wedding ceremony after six years of dating.