Popular Folksy Voice Of College Football Keith Jackson, dies at 89

January 14, 2018
First Published On: January 14, 2018
by Frank Fancher

Now the world will be missing the signature statement “Whoa, Nellie!,” as the folksy voice of college football and ABC's the famous college football commentator Keith Jackson,  working for decades for backwoods from ABC, died Friday night at the age of 89.

Mr. Jackson held 15 Rose Bowls announcements and no living announcers have done so much in their lives so far. Sherman Oaks residents who reportedly died this Friday and ESPN has not so far out the reason behind his death in detail.

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ABC's announcer and commentator Jackson was affiliated to Walt Disney Co. Though Jackson has hosted many college football seasons and it's greatest moments, he shared a special bond with Rose Bowls.

The statement “Whoa, Nellie!” used to be seen around restaurants, airports, stadium parking lots and downtown streets would sidle up to Jackson and below the phrase.  Jackson enthusiastically proclaimed “Whoa, Nellie!” in a beer commercial late in his career. This sounded overrated back then but the man surely is missed after all he has done to the sports and it's promotion.