Political Commentator SE Cupp pregnant with a second baby with husband John Goodwin, whom she married in 2013

HitBerryPublished on   03 Dec, 2015Updated on   03 May, 2021

It’s only been a year since American conservative political commentator and writer, S.E Cupp gave birth to her first child with her beloved husband, John Goodwin. But, there are already several rumors flying around about a second pregnancy. So, is she really pregnant? We have all the answers, all thanks to a source close to Cupp.

The source, who claims to be quite close to Cupp and her husband, claimed that the panelist on the CNN political debate show Crossfire is pregnant with her second child. It revealed that this beautiful and hot commentator was expecting her next baby, which is due next July or August.

They said: “Sarah and John are going to be parents for the second time.”

It further added to the scoop by saying that though Cupp was carrying a baby inside her, it was just an accident and that the couple never intended to conceive their first child, a son named John Davies Goodwin II, turned at least 4 and started his schooling. “The couple never planned to have more than one child before John II turned at least four and went off to kindergarten. But the thing is, the baby was an accident. They are not ruthless enough to abort a soul who has not even seen this world. They are keeping it and I guess Cupp is around a month or two pregnant now.”



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All of the evidence points towards her pregnancy so far. She has started maintaining her dietary supplements and has added high calory food and organic juices. The inclusion of protein rich food like chicken in her day to day is an unusual dietary plan for a hot journalist unless she is pregnant. Image of her holding a big chocolate shake and diet cokes rather than champion or a beer continuously from over two-month points towards the one and only obvious reason "Pregnancy"


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The source also added that the couple, especially Cupp, is pretty worried about her first kid. They stated: “Sarah is a busy woman and so is her husband. They both work night and day and they hardly even have time for their only son. We all know how this young mother appeared in TV just a few days prior to her delivery last time. She just can’t leave her work. Her career is at the height of success right now and we all know how difficult it is for a woman her age to be in her position. So, she is very worried about how she would be managing time for her two children.”

If the information given by the informant is actually true then, Cupp has a genuine reason to get worried. After all, she and her husband had decided to keep a huge gap between their first child and the second one. But now that she is pregnant, we wish this talented and sexy woman of 36-year-old best wishes for her next baby.

S.E Cupp who is very fond of drinking Pimm's Gin has stopped consuming alcoholic contents from around three months to be exact. So, if you quit light food and lessen your activity as well as drop your favorite drink this possibly means two things either she is having any complications regarding health but as she is attending her job and looks just fine in her TV appearances the only reason left for her to do so, becomes pregnancy.



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Cupp is a co-author of Why You're Wrong About the Right and the sole author of Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity.

She married her longtime boyfriend, Goodwin in 2013. They met each other at the 2008 Republican Convention and they began dating in 2011. She receives a huge lump of salary every year which makes her net worth around $6 million. You can even follow her on Instagram.