Political Commentator and Book author Marc Lamont Hill getting married to his long time girlfriend??

Amidst numerous rumors about political commentator and book author Marc Lamont Hill’s upcoming wedding to his longtime girlfriend, a source close to the American academic has come forth to dismiss all such speculations about him getting hitched to a mystery girl.

The insider clearly denied the rumors, calling them baseless. The source, who claims to be quite close to the journalist and LGBT advocate, cleared out all the confusion that people and the media had regarding his marriage with his alleged girlfriend.

The gossip monger said: “I have been hearing all these rumors about Marc’s ‘soon to be’ wedding with his ‘long term’ girlfriend or whoever she is. I am totally shocked to hear all these baseless speculations being made by people without any solid proof. I mean how can they spread such nasty rumors about him?”

“For everybody’s information, I want to say that Marc is totally happy as a bachelor and he does not have any intention of getting married with anyone at the moment. He is single and not ready to mingle and he is not dating anyone either,” the informant further added.

They also stated: “Marc is a single father and he is separated from his former wife. They have a daughter together, whom he and his ex-wife are happily co-parenting. He does not have a girlfriend right now because he is currently focusing on his work and his baby girl.”

We don’t know his daughter’s age. But we do know that she is young, yet sensible enough to text her dad "Gay people can get married now!!!!". The proud father and active LGBT supporter and advocate shared the text on Twitter July this year after same-sex marriage became legal in The USA.

So, the American academic, journalist, author, activist, and television personality, who is known and celebrated as a Professor of African American Studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, is not tying the knot to anyone, according to our sources.

The television show Our World with Black Enterprise’s host is also a BET News correspondent and a CNN political commentator.  He formerly worked for FOX, but was fired back in 2009 for being ‘the defender of cop killers and racists’. The father, who is raising his only daughter with his former wife, does not like to call himself ‘a single father’.

Talking to online magazine Ebony.com, the popular host once said: “I don’t like the term single father. I think that whatever your relationship status, whenever two people are parenting it is co-parenting. I've been fortunate enough to co-parent my daughter in a healthy and functional way. It shows there are multiple ways to raise a healthy child.”

He further added: “Because my schedule is demanding my daughter’s mother has been flexible, and I'm grateful for that. Sometimes I have to be creative to make it work. I'm sure my daughter has been to more TV studios and lectures than she'd have liked to be but even those moments create opportunities to bond with her and that means everything. Our children deserve our attention and our love, it's one of those beautiful struggles.”

This clarifies the facts that despite having been separated from each other, Hill and his former wife do not have hard feelings about each other and are handling their daughter’s upbringing quite well together.

He has penned down several books, which he frequently promotes on Twitter and Instagram. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.