Planning An Ideal Baby Shower

April 21, 2017
First Published On: April 12, 2016
by HitBerry

A baby shower is a celebration done when a mother is pregnant or when a baby is newly born in a family. It is a party thrown by women’s relatives, family and friends after she gets pregnant and it is also like a reward to women for being a mother.

Nowadays for baby shower pre-arrangements are done and many programs are pre-planned. To plan a perfect baby shower, we have to keep lots of things in our mind. Some of the major things to consider before planning a baby shower are as follows:

1. Location:
The first thing to arrange and plan for an ideal baby shower is the location. We can choose a perfect location where we can throw a party. Especially, a place should be selected which the pregnant mom appreciate the most. Some of the suggested places to throw a baby shower party are:

Restaurant: The perfect place for a baby shower would be a restaurant. We don’t have to worry about anything regarding food and decoration of the party if we throw a party at a restaurant. We can order some special foods that the pregnant mom loves the most.

Home: Another place for a baby shower can be home. In the home, we can invite all the close friends and relatives and decorate the home. But if we are giving a baby shower party from home then we should not allow the mom to be to perform any work. It will be better if we can give her a surprise party.

2. Theme:
For a baby shower to be more entertaining we can select any kind of themes that the mom to be would love. If we already have an idea that the baby will be a girl then we can have a fairytale theme and if the baby will be a boy than superhero theme would work great.

If we have no ideas about the gender of the upcoming baby then we can have a safari theme or any themes that we think would be best for a baby shower.

3. Invitation:
The invitation card for baby shower must match the theme of the party. We can find many decorative and eye-catching cards in the stores.

For a baby shower, we can invite the close relatives, family and friends of the mom to be. Before inviting anyone we should see the budget and the space where we are going to hold a party.

4. Baby shower games:
There are many games that can be played in a baby shower. Some of the popular games for a baby shower are: Pass the prize, Alphabet games, who knows Mommy? , Baby bingo etc.

Whatever game we choose to play it should be interesting for the mom to be.

5. Foods and drinks:
For a baby shower, we can have many food recipes such as- Baby shower finger foods, Mud cake, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Finger sandwiches etc.

We can prefer favorite foods of the pregnant mom and for dessert sweets, salad and ice-cream, caramel bars, Apple crisp etc would be a great option.

For drinks, we can choose coffee, tea, soda and other cold drinks that do not contain any alcohol as if any alcoholic drink is mistakenly taken by the pregnant mother than it hampers the development of a baby.

Alcoholic drinks should not be there in a baby shower as it is not good for mother and her baby.

6. Baby shower products:
There are many stores where we can find products for a baby shower. Some of the names of the product that we might need for a baby shower are- Baby shower decorations, baby shower invitation, Baby shower balloons, Baby shower candy buffet, Baby shower cake and cupcake etc.

If we want we can order all the necessary products needed for a baby shower online also.