Pixar's Bob Peterson, known for movies like Monsters Inc and The Good Dinosaur, talks about married life, wife and kids

HitBerryPublished on   27 Dec, 2015Updated on   26 May, 2021

Bob Peterson is among the few Hollywood stars who have achieved success in professional as well as personal life. The filmmaker opened up about his lesser known personal life regarding his wife, kids and marriage and how keeps his personal and professional life balanced in his recent interview.

The director claimed that his professional success was largely due to the support he received in his steady love life. He also expressed that the role his wife played in his life has been instrumental in his success. He also acknowledged the love and support he has been getting from his wife throughout his struggle and success.

“While I was out in the studio, sketching the characters, my wife would stay at home taking care of our children. She is an incredible woman. Without her love and support, I may would not have made it”, the director said to our sources. He also claimed that his marriage provides him with emotional stability in the fast paced entertainment industry.

Peterson has three kids with her wife. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and three children. It is suggested that Peterson plans on having yet another child with his wife. He also has two pet dogs named Rosy and Ava.

Peterson was hired by Pixar in 1994 as an animator for a commercial. After impressing his bosses as an animator for the commercials, he was given the role of animator for the movie ‘Toy Story’. The movie collected over $800 million in revenue. After the enormous success of his first movie, he was given directorial duty for the movie Up. This movie was also very well received by audience.

Peterson is one of the major reasons behind the success of Pixar. Peterson played a huge role in transforming Pixar into a $7.4 billion production house. American filmmaker Bob is one of the most respected Hollywood filmmaker. He has produced dozens of critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies.

The voice actor cum director has also provided voice for characters in Pixar classics like Monsters Inc., Cars and Finding Nemo. He voiced Monster Inc. character Roz.  He was also the creator of 2015 hit The Good Dinosaur. All the movies that Peterson has worked on have gotten tremendous commercial success and critical acclaim.

Peterson also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Prude University. He did his undergraduate studies from Ohio Northern University.

The director is known for keeping his personal life to himself. Even though he represents himself on social networking sites like Twitter, he doesn’t use it regularly. He can be followed on Twitter @Bob_peterson.  As of now, his Twitter only has near to 7k followers.

It is natural that the net worth of such an extremely successful filmmaker is very high. News outlets estimate Peterson’s net worth to be around $20 million.