Pitch Perfect 2 star Utkarsh Ambudkar says his rapping impresses girls while dating

December 28, 2015
First Published On: December 28, 2015
by HitBerry

What attribute of Pitch Perfect 2 star Utkarsh Ambudkar do you think impresses a lady the most? If you were to guess, you’d probably say his sexy physique, incredible height or his amazing personality. But, Ambudkar, in his recent interview has revealed what got him the most compliments from the ladies and his revelation is sure to surprise you.

Ambudkar disclosed to our sources that the ladies are most impressed by his freestyle verses. The 32 years old actor claimed that it is not his incredibly sexy looks or his worldwide fame that impresses his dates, but his rapping skills – something he learned as a passion.

“Once I was on a date with a really attractive lady. We were running out of things to talk about. So, I thought, ‘I will make her listen to my rap’ and so I did. She complimented me saying that it was very good. Since then, I’ve doing the same for all of my girlfriends and so far all of them have said that they like it very much”, the actor revealed to our sources.  

The actor believes rap music holds the power to communicate with people’s heart. “I personally believe that rap is one of the strongest forms of musical expression. You can use words to tell stories, speak to the listeners and eventually connect to their soul”, the actor expressed.

“Rapping is something I’ve always admired. I grew up in the 90s. The legendary rivalry between the east and the west coast drew my attention to hip-hop. I’ve been hooked ever since”, the actor revealed how he developed interest for rapping. The singer also stated that rap music legend Tupac Shakur is the rapper he looks up to.

“I try to rap as much as I can. Besides acting, singing is one my biggest passion. In TV shows, in my house and even with my parents, I take every chance I get to freestyle and improve my rapping skills”, the actor said.

Ambudkar has already released two EPs up until now. He released his first EP, The Gold Tusk in 2006, Six years later, he released his second EP titled Members Only. Both of the EPs had a modest success.  There are rumors that he will be releasing his next EP within next year.

The actor was born to Indian immigrant parent in 1983 at Baltimore, Maryland. He is often portrayed in the movies in the role of an Indian guy. He has made appearances in commercially successful movies like Rocket Science, Danni Lowinski, and ‘Last Call’. His movie Barbershop: The next cut is set to release in early 2016.

He can be followed on Twitter @UTKtheINC. His Twitter handle has 33k followers.

His net worth remains undisclosed at the moment.