Pirkko Mannola's Love life after her Husband Death; Know her past relationship

HitBerryPublished on   27 Oct, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

Pirkko Mannola is a Finnish actress and singer mostly known for her movie Kaks' tavaliista Lahtista.  Apart from this, Mannola is also a Miss Finland. After years of dedication in the film industry, Pirrkko is now one renowned face in the movie industry.

So how is her love lofe going after the demise of her husband? It has been nine years and is still Pirkko a widow? Well, we all know age does not protect you from love. But love to extent protects you from age.

Is Pirrkko Mannola Dating or Single?

At the age of late 70, Pirkko is enjoying her life. Though the celebrities of her age are either retired from the film industry or live in a retirement home, the 78 years old Pirkko love life is emerging. If you heard the phrase, age is just a number, then it reflects on the life of actress Pirkko.

In 2016, she found her a new love in her life. Mannola, in 2016 met her old acquaintance Göran Stubb, so a romance blossomed in her life again!!!. Wait we are not assuming, this actress herself revealed the news of her new love.

Pirkko Mannola, source: Pinterest

This was not the first time, this pair met up. Back in the 1960s  Mannola and  Göran Stubb met for the very first time. Stubb is known for being a father of Finance Minister Alexander Stubb and a Swedish-hockey player.

Pirkko Mannola and Göran Stubb, source: Mtv

Stubb is a widower and his beloved wife, Christel Setälä died in 2008. In an interview, when asked about her first encounter after a long time, she said:

December 12, we met Tapiola Stockmann in the waterfall. We talked about it. The consequences of meeting it here are now being wondered

She continued:

We changed the phone numbers and decided to go to dinner together. That's where it started.

Pirkko Mannola, source: Seura

The 78 years old Pirkko looks very comfortable with her new partner. As in her old age, finding a new relationship is not very easy. You might be wondering, what about Mannola kids? Are they happy with their mom getting in the relationship at this age?

The actress confronted saying :

My daughter is very happy about this relationship. There is someone who cares about me.

Pirkko Mannola's Past Relationship and Affairs

The love story of Pirkko Mannol and Åke Leonard Lindman was one to remember for all their fans. This ex-pair met up at the Finnish Flim Industry studios. Before going to the public their relationship was a long kept secret.

Pirkko Mannol and Åke Leonard Lindman, source: Iltalehti

They tied the knot in 1968 and soon was blessed with a daughter, Heidi Kara. After four decades of their marriage, 2009 became a significant year in Pirkko's life.

Pirkko Mannol and Åke Leonard Lindman with their daughter Heidi, source: MTV

In 2009, Åke Lindman died in March of 2009. The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease took the life of director Ake. In the same year, Mannola lost her mother on Christmas Day.

Mannola recalls the moment after the heartful day, saying

I was in a hospital in her room, and I jumped on the floor of Cha-Cha-Cha's steps.

Pirkko Mannol with her daughter Heidi, source: Iltalehti

Pirkko was in the Dancing with the Stars show, when Ake caught the disease. With lots of ups and downs, Pirkko managed to remain strong. As the woman for her age is just staying in their beds, she is still surprising her fans with movies and shows. We have to say, Mannola is one inspirational woman to be inspired from. Isn't she?