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Piers Morgan is serenaded by a girl who planned the slaughtering of her entire family.

May 12, 2016
First published on:May 12, 2016
by HitBerry

Piers Morgan is serenaded by a girl who planned the slaughtering of her entire family.

Holy Mother of god! Slaughtering the whole family! Just imagining it would run chills down the spine, wonder how this girl could even dream of killing her own parents, own siblings?

source: Independent

The lass with the evilest mind we talking about is Erin Caffey who was only in her sweet sixteen- (an underage girl) when she made a master plan of assassinating her mom and two younger brothers.  And not to mention, she even attempted to murder her own dad. Her boyfriend and two of his friends were also involved in that plot.

She is as cold as mountains and as dark as a black hole. Caffey’s therapist even said, “I’ve never come across anyone as dangerous as Erin – and I hope I never do again.”

The girl was given two life sentences plus 25 years for her role in the killings of her mom Penny and two younger brothers, Tyler(8) and Mathew(13), along with the attempted murder of her dad, Terry.

Now, the 24-year-old Caffey sings to Piers Morgan in chilling documentary. Erin Caffey sings Amazing Grace sitting across Piers Morgan. Her voice is as sweet as an angel would sound. Nobody would ever imagine that this pretty blonde could cook the horrible of the horrible plan to end her own family.

Here watch the video. Her voice is sweet as hell.

Piers said to Caffey, “I can’t picture you as somebody that would want their family annihilated,”

It is reported that she wanted to end her family just because her mom and dad were against her love affair. But what about those innocent boys? Even though her father had forgiven her, she would always be despised by all and her sweet choir would ever melt anyone.

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