Pia Toscano Engaged with Jimmy R.O. Smith flaunting her Diamond Ring

HitBerryPublished on   03 Jul, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

We love when celebs get married or engaged, I mean, absolutely love it. Not that they invited us, but we like to write about how long they will actually be together for. Well, it is a showbiz so we wouldn't be exactly surprised to know even if they get divorced after a month or two. Damn you, pessimistic mind!!

American Idol Season 10 contestant Pia Toscano could not stop herself from flaunting her engagement diamond ring. Toscano got engaged to Jimmy R.O. Smith last November and it seems Pia absolutely loves to show everyone about her relationship. They had their engagement party on January 19.


Ever since her Instagram post with her future husband six months ago, that ring is everywhere. It’s good to see that she is cherishing the essence of that ring. Not only that, it seems, unlike other celebrities both of them are not shy to show off. We really hope that they would go a long long way otherwise it would be damn awkward having to delete everything related to their engagement from Instagram.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith                                                                                                Source: usmagazine.com

According to Just Jared, the couple met almost two years ago. Jimmy was a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez while Pia was a backup singer. Pia stated how Jennifer Lopez is the main reason both of them met.

"I met my fiance through Jennifer. We met on the promo tour [for Lopez's album, A.K.A.] almost two years ago", Pia confessed.

Together they make an awesome couple, visually attractive. Imagine what their baby would  be like. Dad’s a dancer, mom’s a singer that kid will probably be able to dance while singing.

The beautiful Pia had a bad luck getting voted off so early in American Idol. Judges and even her competitors were totally shocked by the news that the potential winner was sent off so early but nevertheless she is enjoying much fame and prominence through her awesome voice. Before Season 10, she was rejected four times in an audition, bet you didn’t know that.

Her song You’ll be King is loved by many audiences as well. With her singing talent, she has appeared in various singing competition way back then. She even won Jesus Christ Superstar when she was 9.

Her sexy looks might also be another reason for her popularity. I mean, just look at her, she is a bomb. She stands at 1.6m and has that curvy look that every woman longs for. Her body is close to perfection. One look at her Instagram and it’s hard not to scroll down.  

Pia Toscano looks chic in that bikini                                                                                                  Source: popminute.com

Pia is very popular with her fans and has about 92k followers on Instagram and 203k followers on Twitter. She often posts pictures and tweets for her followers. Pia does like to take a lot of pictures and we don't have any complaints as all of them are absolutely hot. Now with all those achievements and popularity, she has amassed a net worth of $650,000.


Those moves though?! & that Miley Cyrus moment ?????!! Whaaat is happening ????????? @flexjamz @nelsonbeato I see you !!

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