Phillipa Soo is in Relationship with Steven Pasquale, Know about her Affairs and Dating History

HitBerryPublished on   08 Nov, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

A renowned American actress as well as a singer, Phillipa Soo has been with another famous American actor Stevan Pasquale since 2015. So how is their relationship? When did they meet? Do they have any plans on getting married? Know everything in details.

You will be shocked to hear that two of your favorite American actor and actress, Stevan and Phillipa are now married! Yes, you heard it right, they’ve been recently married and living happily with each other. To know more about the relationship, keep on scrolling.

Phillipa Soo and Stevan Pasquale

Phillipa and Stevan started going out together in the middle of 2015. They then fell in love with each other and after a year the couple got engaged on February 2016. They used to post every detail about their relationship on Instagram. Some of them are below.

These pictures and the captions on these pictures clearly shows how good the couple is with each other. Through social media, they are directly saying to the world that they can't wait to spend their lives together. This much is just about the engagement, continue reading to know more about their married life and also if they are planning to have any children.

Phillipa and Steven's marriage

After one year even months of the engagement, Phillipa Soo, and Steven Pasquale got married on 24th September 2017 in New York City. One of the famous Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler, who was a guest on the event made the news of the couple’s marriage official via Instagram. He captioned the picture:

A toast to the groom, to the bride.

Phillipa wore a beautiful bohemian wedding dress and a crown full of white flowers. She kept her hair down with a dangling earrings as her accessory.

Steven Pasquale’s past relationship

Phillipa Soo is not the first girl Steven married. Yes, he was married to a different girl before he even met Soo. But it seems like he is happily moved on soon enough than anyone can imagine. He was previously married to Laura Benanti, a ‘Gypsy’ actress. The couple met in 2005, dated for over two years and then tied the knot.

steven pasquale with his ex-wife laura benanti Steven Pasqualee with his ex-wife Laura Benanti, Source: Pinterest

About the wedding, Laure said,

For a lot of couples, their wedding day is the biggest event of their lives, but it’s different for us. We’re both performers and used to being the center of attention, but we didn’t want our wedding to be about that. We wanted it to be a celebration for our friends and family.

The couple were together for ‘six whole years’ and got divorced on 2013. But even though the marriage lasted for these many years, Steven didn’t seem to be depressed. He moved on real quick, soon after two years of their divorce he found Phillipa and has been in love with her ever since. Let’s wish good fortune for this couple and hope that they don’t end up like the previous relationship.