PGA Golfer Matt Kuchar married to college sweetheart Sybi Parker, Kuchars have two sons together!!

July 10, 2015
First Published On: July 10, 2015
by HitBerry

American Golf Pro Matt Kuchar may have finished as a runner-up at the recently concluded Scottish Open and unluckily lost his big win to Rickie Fowler but Kuchar is indeed one of the finest and incredible players.

Matt Kuchar, 37, is also referred as one of the most amicable guys on PGA tour. The golf pro has won seven PGA Tours over the course of 12 years. Kuchar enjoyed huge success in the early 2000s before suffering a slump where he struggled to maintain his playing status on the PGA Tour.

However, the PGA champion succeed to rejuvenate himself and built a new, one-plane swing from 2008 onward leading to improved results.  Renowned as one of the most consistent players on the PGA tour, he have earned close to $15 million in prize money and recorded 30 top-10 finishes from 2009 to 2012.

This included finishing as the PGA Golf Tour's leading money winner in 2010.

While, he is still going strong on his professional career, Kuchar, native to Winter Park, Florida has been happily married to Sybi Parker since 2003. The much-in love couple met while attending college at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Kuchars, both had been college athletes at Georgia Tech, Matt obviously golf player and Sybi, tennis player. Interestingly, Matt, during his childhood actually dreamed of being tennis pro but ended up being golfer. He may have been influenced by his dad, Peter Kuchar who was leading tennis player during his time at his university.

Matt, though became golf pro, he still likes tennis and, together Kuchars have won the consolation title of the USTA National Husband/Wife Doubles Championship at the ATP Headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach in 2009 and made the tournament an annual tradition.

The college sweethearts married at a private hunting, fishing and golfing retreat called Cabin Bluff on the border of Georgia and Florida after dating for 3 years.

 Recalling his wedding, Kuchar said:

“The whole wedding party stayed on the property and the place is quiet, laid-back with lots of activities. It was perfect for my wife Sybi and I.”

“We were all there for four to five days and we got married on the tennis courts, which were decorated beautifully. I went quail-hunting on my wedding day; it was the first time I had ever been. I was really amazed by the pointer dogs and how they are so well-trained.”

His wife, Sybi is also one of the top supporters of Camp Twin Lakes, a charity that provides for special needs children with serious illnesses and mental/physical disabilities. The Kuchars are also involved in the Ronals McDonald House Charities, an organization aiming to build temporary homes for little or no cost for families that want to stay close to their sick children while they receive treatment in hospitals.

Kuchars, who are enjoying marital life have two sons together. The first, Cameron Cole, was born in 2007, followed by Carson Wright who was born in 2009. The happy couple spend a lot of time with their children as they are constantly seen roaming with their dad on his Golf-trips.

Not only this, papa dear has also posted videos of his “slow-paced relaxing” life at home where he is seen spending time with his two cute kids. Matt indeed is a family man.

The PGA golfer who has impressed all on the golf course never fails to leave a mark as a loving husband and doting dad!!