Peter Weir and his wife, Wendy Stites, who have been married since 1966 getting divorced?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

2016 does not seem to be going well for the celeb couples of Hollywood.

Recently we have got the divorce news of Australian movie director Peter Weir with wife Wendy Stites. They couple has been married since five decades.

Sources say that the couple has started its paper work and will soon hear the last order from the court.

Couples splitting is a common thing in Hollywood but after fifty years of living together, can you imagine that??
If news is to be believed, the couple did not have a good chemistry since past few years but were quiet for the sake of their children. Now when the things have gone worse, the couple is not able to stand each other. Due to which they are at the verge of separation.

Weir however is seen ignoring Wendy publicly as he is seen appearing alone at events and shows. Before this, the couple always would represent themselves as a pair but now they are seen alone, adds source.

If rumors are to be believed, Wendy had smelled a relationship of Peter with a model (introduction unknown) back in 2015.When she enquired her husband about it, he acted as innocent. Since then, misunderstandings started prevailing between the couple which has now taken a serious mode.

It has been rumored that the couple is living separately now days since their court hearing and paper works started. It has been reported that Wendy is living with her mother in her maternal home.

The about to split couple has been married since 1966.They have two children together.

Talking about Peter Weir, he is an Australian film director who started his directorial debut in 1968 and is currently active in his career. Not only direction, Weir is famous for his movie scripts too. Altogether he has directed and script written at around one and half dozen of feature films.

Not only feature movies, Peter indulged himself in informative and creative short movies too. He has been able to bag several rewards for his outstanding work.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $15 million dollars.

On the other hand, his wife Wendy Stites is an Australian costume designer who is nominated at the 76th Academy Awards for Best Costumes.

The couple had been living a happy married life since past years. The long term couple suddenly decided to split which has been a kind of shock for their fans and well-wishers.

However the director of age 71 has not still announced his divorce with Wendy yet. It is the media who has secretly got to know about it. Otherwise the couple has nothing to say on their relationship matters.

It is also the fact that both of them despite being celebs keep a low profile lifestyle away from the media.