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Peter Thiel Billionaire: Richest Gay in Silicon Valley- Net Worth

July 22, 2016
First published on:July 22, 2016
by John

Peter Thiel once stated that paper money was way too primeval and he wanted to change that part for the entire world to make it more accessible, which he actually did. Peter Thiel provoked himself into so many things that related with ‘Changing the World’. His contribution made him who he is today, the richest Gay Billionaire in Silicon Valley. 

Peter Thiel Net worth

Peter Thiel is one of the billionaires whose net worth is estimated to be $2.7 Billion as of 2015. The reason why Peter earns much is because he has stepped up with so many ventures. Starting from his early days, he was so into the ‘Changing the World’ thing.

Before any of Thiel’s great work began, he kicked off by making a statement in his mind about creating something that would make ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ at ease; and which doesn’t  involve paper money whatsoever. Later, he and his other friends started a company; which in 2002, became public with the name ‘PayPal’, that we know of today.

In 2003, Thiel managed to sell the company to eBay for $1.5 billion that turned out to be one of his great successes till date. He had invested with 3.7% stake in PayPal which revolved into $55 million of his own at the acquisition. With the money, he invested in Clarium Capital Management and different other start-up companies like Linkedln, Yelp.Inc, Palantir, Votizen, Rapleaf, and more.

By 2008, Clarium Capital Management had the overall resources worth more than $7 billion. Later, he invested in one of the social sites that we know as Facebook today with the capital of $500,000 in return of 7% shares. Today, with Facebook along his side, his net worth makes him even richer by more than $2 billion.

Peter Thiel on the cover of 'Forbes' magazine.

Peter Thiel on the cover of 'Forbes' magazine

Fabulous life of Peter Thiel

Let me remind you that Thiel is a Billionaire and you all must know what that means. He has got a pretty fabulous life. He owns a mansion worth $70 Million between the Presidio in San Francisco. The mansion comes in at approximately 7000 square feet which characterizes a patio with a huge built-in Barbeque, an elevator that assists with the property’s four floors. It has got 5 bedrooms and a large en-suite bathroom, also with rooftop deck. What else do you need if you have a house like that, I wonder..

Peter Thiel's Mansion.

Peter Thiel's Mansion.

His ride is a Mercedes SL500 and he usually hangs out at coffee shops when he is free. Currently, Thiel has invested millions of dollars in Sea stead (A permanent house in the middle of the sea). So, we might also be seeing him at one of those.

Mercedes SL500

Mercedes SL500 

Is Peter Thiel really Gay?

Yes, Peter Thiel is really gay.. Billionaire Thiel became the first amenably gay talker since 2000 at the republican national convention. In his speech he states that “I am proud to be Gay, I am proud to be a Republican and the foremost, I am proud to be an American”. 


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