Peter Quinn

March 23, 2016
First Published On: March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

 Homeland star Rupert Friend is popular for portraying numerous characters in different movies and series. Among them his character of Peter Quinn in Showtime series Homeland is one of the most acclaimed one.

John, known as a CIA agent, Black Ops, Peter Quinn. He is a CIA paramilitary officer affiliated to Central Intelligence Agency. He led the group of surveillance team. The team consists of Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson, Virgil and Max. The main objective of the group was to investigate the situation when Brody had attempted to assassinate Vice President William Walden.

Peter is a person who seems quite mysterious and tactful. He really know how to hit a mark at the time of investigation. He knows what he does even when others doubt his actions.

As already mentioned, Peter joins the Brody taskforce to investigate his (Brody’s) true intentions behind the murder of the Vice president. The group not only tries to know the intention behind, their true motive of the investigation is to know who else are involved and who their boss is.

Peter’s way of investigation is different in a sense it is way out of normal. So, the other members in taskforce Carrie and Saul both are unclear about what Peter is actually doing, about what would be his next step. The whole suspense of the show revolves around what Peter’s next step would be.

Peter’s actions in the series is full of enigma that that Saul, in particular becomes very suspicious. The other group members especially Saul thought that Peter must have some hidden agenda. They thimk he might be a devil behind a friend’s face.

Eventually, the suspicion and dilemma gets subsided with the ongoing interaction and the environment.  

However, being friend with Peter is not an easy one. He stays silent and reserved. He works are often dubious and his silence might become obnoxious sometimes. He is the most intelligent, work oriented and far sighted personnel in the group.

Peter is brought into the team by David Estes and he is very loyal to Estes.

Peter is one hell of the dedicated and really knows how to catch the bad guys. He really knows how to get the work done.

He often clashes with the Carrie who does not like taking orders from him. Peter might not always agree with Carrie’s way of working but he has huge respect for her skills as CIA agent.

Peter is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is not married and divorce is something out of question. He dated his Ex-girlfriend Julia Diaz for some years. He has one son John Jr. in the name of children.

Peter is very professional and keeps the personal life away while working. He is busy most of the time.