Peter Mansbridge and his wife, Cynthia getting a divorce?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Apparently, there are rumors that Canadian broadcaster and news anchor, Peter Mansbridge is getting a divorce from his wife, Cynthia.

It is well known fact that Peter had been married  for the third time in his life. Earlier he had been married and divorced twice. This would be his third time in a row if the rumors about their divorce are really true.

Back in 1989 when Peter used to work at CBC, he fell in love with his colleague Wendy Mesley and got married. However, their love could not sustain their marriage. Just after three years, the couple filed for divorce and parted their ways. Their failed marriage became a regular scandalous fodder in Frank Magazine. He did not had any children from his marriage with Wendy.

Before he had married Wendy, he was married to Parm Dhillon but he got divorced in 1975. He has two daughters from his first marriage.

Since 1998, he has been married to Canadian actress Cynthia Dale. They have a son together, William, who was born in 1999.

Reviewing his past records of divorces, it could be assumed that he might be divorcing his third wife after 18 years of their marriage.

There have been quite a number of rumors regarding Peter’s love affairs outside marriage. Few years back, it was rumored that something is going on between Peter and Claire Martin, who was a climatologist at CBC. Seems like once in a while Peter falls for his colleague at CBC.

It has been said that there used to be constant on air flirtation between CBC newsreader Peter Mansbridge and CBC meteorologist Claire Martin. Martin, who was previously assigned at CBC Vancouver was transferred to CBC Toronto to work on the local supper time and 10 PM national newscasts after the CBC management consolidated weather services. It is rumored that Claire and Peter used to spend a lot of time together and make up at the studio. Their flirtatious television relationship and alleged affair might have led to Peter’s rumored divorce.

In an interview with Cottage Life, Peter had mentioned how happy he is with wife Cynthia after two failed marriages. Their marriage has lasted 18 years but it seems their marriage might not last much longer because of his alleged affairs.

However his personal life has been, he surely has a great career. The 67- aged Mansbridge is chief correspondent for CBC News and anchor of The National, CBC Television nightly news update. He has received many awards for his journalistic works including an honorary doctorate from Mount Allison University. He has been serving as chancellor at the university until 2017.

According to CBC, Peter Mansbridge’s maximum salary scale is about $80,500. His net worth has been estimated to be $ 10 million.