Pete Rose, after two divorces with ex-wives Carol J. Woliung and Karolyn Englehardt dating Kiana Kim

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What does a person want in their partner? Is it Understanding? Maturity? or Just love? What do you think? And what comes to your mind when you hear or see a person dating or getting engaged with a person who is half of their age?

When it comes to "Relationships" and "Marriages" this person is definitely the right one whom we are going to talk about. Pete Rose is now in his third relationship, he has already been through two marriage and divorce.  And now engaged with Kiana Kim.

So, Are Pete Rose and Kiana Kim happy despite their age gap? Will Pete Rose celebrate his third marriage with Kiana?

Pete Rose and Kiana Kim

The Major League banned baseball player Pete Rose can be quoted as a lucky person as she has never been alone even he has divorced twice. Soon after he got divorced with his second wife he got engaged with Kiana Kim who is a Playboy model and a commercial actress.

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Pete Rose with Kiana Kim children

Even though this couple has many differences like in age, thoughts, beliefs and so on but they are going great. Pete is 73 and Kiana are 39 now which make Pete more than double of her age.

Pete and Kiana have also worked together and both never waste any opportunities to explain their relation to media. Pete more publicly shares and talks about his recently engaged fiancé.

Short Bio About Kiana Kim

Kiana Kim belongs to Seoul, South Korea. She moved to LA at the age of five. She is a graduate of Arizona State University and worked as a flight attendant with Korean Airlines after graduation.

She was also a real estate agent and then gradually moved to the marketing industry. Then after some years she chooses modelling and acting as her further career. Kiana Kim is also already married she has two children Cassie and Ashton from her ex-husband.


Pete Rose Marriage

Pete Rose was first married to Karolyn Englehardt on 25 January 1964, Pete and Karolyn had a daughter Fawn and a son Pete Rose Jr. After 16 years of their marriage life, this couple decided to split in 1980.

After that, he married Carol J. Woliung in the year 1984 and had two children a son named Tyler and a daughter named Cara.

After Pete got separated from Carol in 2011, he then started to openly date Kiana Kim. Kiana is a model for the Playboy. Pete was said to be dating Kiana even when he wasn’t separated with his second wife. He got officially engaged with Kiana in 2011. Since then they have been making many public appearances.

Pete Rose with his first wife Karolyn Englehardt