Perpetually single Liza Lapira explains why she is not dating and why she has no boyfriend

HitBerryPublished on   21 Sep, 2015Updated on   13 May, 2021

Actress Liza Lapira recently explained why she was not dating or seeing anyone and why she didn’t have a boyfriend in her life. The answer she gave was interesting. She said: “I am perpetually single.”

Before you guys get all confused, we would like to make something clear. There are two types of people; one who understand the meaning of the term “Perpetual Single” and the next, who don’t have any idea about it. If you belong to the second category, we are here to enlighten you.

So now before we begin to tell you about the Filipino Chinese actress, we would like tell you a few important things about the aforementioned term. Perpetually single girl is someone who has no boyfriend but not because nobody wants her, but because she is independent and fierce and can lead a single life without needing any help.  

She is strong and competent and the kind of girl who understands and respects her partner’s privacy if she gets into a relationship.  A perpetually single lady can go single and work alone and is self-sufficient. A girl like her is complete herself and inspires others around her.

Well, Liza Lapira is one of those. When it comes to this awesome actress, we think about her small screen roles on TV dramas and sitcoms like Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, Monk, The Sopranos and Sex and the City. We always think about her as an actress who has charmed us with her acting and cuteness. But we never really cared about her personal life. And that is exactly what she wants.

The actress seemed quite confident and opened about her private life without any hesitation this time. The Dexter star opened up about everything, from her love life to her idea of dating a man.

Lapira said that she was never interested in dating a man. Now don’t get it wrong, she is not saying that she is gay or she likes girls. She is just trying to say that she is not very much into dating and romances.

“I have always tried to lead an independent life. I don’t want to date anyone right now. My prime focus is my career,” stated the Asian beauty.

The hot actress added: “People usually make remarks on my personal life and ask me ‘are you seeing someone?’. But my answer is a big NOO.

“I really don’t understand why they are so much eager to know about whom I date. I respect everyone but I think people should mind their own business.”

The actress focused on the fact that it was not as if she had not dated anyone. She admitted that she tried hooking up with several men in her past, some of them from the show biz. But she failed miserably.

“I tried. I did but the thing is there are men who always try to make you do things. They can be quite dominating, you know. There was a guy who acted as if he was my husband. That really pissed me off.

“I can’t stand anyone judging me or taking control of my life. I am the boss of my own but they didn’t understand that. And I think this is the reason why couples in Hollywood split so often, which media loves to cover. The problem is couples don’t try to understand each other and their lives end of becoming a media scoop. But I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to be a free bird,” she said with smile.

Lapira, who worked as the sharp mouthed friend of Emma Stone in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, is actually a soft spoken person. But she said that she really can’t hold her tongue when people judge her or suggest her to get married. She also revealed that the actress was open to relationship, but added that she would only date someone who would really understand her.

The actress, aged 33, has appeared in several movies and is quite active on Twitter. Her fame and work has helped her accumulate a high net worth.