Perpetually single actress Jamie Luner, age 44, finally dating someone? Who is her new boyfriend??

February 18, 2016
First Published On: February 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Elegant actress Jamie Luner is still enjoying her solitude in her own way of style. To be clear she is single right now after dating John Braz for a month in December 2014.

“This flawless actress is worth any man in this world but Luner must be very demanding when it comes to dating, having boyfriend and husband.” post her fans in twiter.

Jamie Luner is very popular in another one thing besides being the hot and very achieving actress in this century of glamour and it is being single most of the time. Guys! Other celebrities would have dated many, got married and even got divorced but she is different. That is why she is also known as the sexiest loner in Hollywood.

People has to say that Jamie is a very serious kind of person when it comes to love and relationships. Also she does not date anyone that crosses her interest, I mean she definitely is not whimsical, play-around  kinda lass.

May be this is the reason why she is single most of the time. But hey! Before you ask or even think, No! she is not a lesbian. She is interested in men but she just has not met one to share her life with.

In an interview, the actress left enough traces for us to infer that she is waiting for the one, the soul mate. Well Guys! It would be worth waiting for us to watch how long the actress is going to put up with her solitude.

Actress Jamie Luner, age 44, is the happening American actress best known for her roles as Lexi Sterling on Melrose Place and Rachel Burke on Profiler.

The actress has a tempting body with measurements of 34-25-32 and stands tall at the good height of 5 feet and 7 inches. She has a well maintained body weighing 55 kg. Man! why she does not give chance to some men because there must be hundreds of them ready to throw themselves at this amorous woman.

The perfect boss, Out of reach, The cheating pact, The wrong girl, The bride he bought online, Walking the halls, Trust etc are some of her very liked television movies.

She is also celebrated for some of her hit tv shows like Code Black, Murder in the first, Better call saul, Heartbreakers, True blood, Two and a half men, The glades and the like.

The actress has been rocking in the industry since 1988 and till now she has contributed a great deal of entertainment in Hollywood.

The net worth of the actress is $ 2 million.