Perfect Spectacles For You

April 18, 2017
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Spectacles are in massive use nowadays for many reasons. People use power glasses for weak eyesight and some of them love to explore with trendy looking spectacles for fashion and style. We might compromise with other things but regarding our eyes, we should never compromise and if it is a case of glasses brand also matters. There are many popular brands of spectacles such as Calvin Klein, Ray Ban, Prada, Gucci etc and if we can afford branded spectacles we can switch on to them. People with low budget can rather go with unbranded glasses as per their need and capacity.

Types of Spectacles /Glass

Spectacles are worn to protect your eyes from unnecessary things during performing your daily activities. Spectacles are categorized as per its primary function. You need to use glass as per your requirement. Some of the types of spectacles are given bellow as per its function:-

1.Yellow-tinted computer glasses

2.Magnification glasses


4.Gaming glasses

5.3D glasses


Normally lens is part of glass which is a transparent object that helps to receive light rays from an object. There are several types of spectacles in the market but the spectacles are determined by its lens as it is very important part of it. There are various types of lens in the market, some of them are mention bellow:-


2.Bifocal & Trifocal






It is not necessary to brief about the lens in this article but spectacles and lens have a relation like flesh and blood of our body so I find it important to describe it. We should always focus on the lens that is needed for our eye because the eyes are most sensitive parts of our body. If we switch or move with wrongs lens than that might affect our vision.

Style and fashion:

Spectacles are one of the major element of fashion or style. It is not bounded with limited design as it comes with various elegant designs in the market. People admire high quality of spectacles to maintain their personality or just to show their standard. Glasses attain in numerous types and style, they are categorized as per their major functions. Some of the types of spectacles styles are mention below:


1.Browline glasses

2.Bug-eye glasses

3.Cat eye glasses

4.GI glasses

5.Horn-rimmed glasses

6.Lensless glasses

7.Pince nez

8.Rimless glasses                                           

Frame And brand:

A frame is part of glass that helps to hold or give support to the lens. Frames are assembled with the help of different tools like a bridge, top bar, caps, hinges, nose pads, pads arm etc. The beauty of glass is noted from its frame, so it comes in varieties of color layout, design, brands, dimension, and figure. There are several types of glass frame and you can choose the best one for you. As we know that frame is assembled with different kind of tools and these frames are made up of different materials like:-

1.Gold bars

2.Silvery bars

3.Stainless steel




The values of the frames are also determined by its brand or company. The famous brand might not be cheap but you can get an awesome frame or spectacles if you switch on a famous brand. There are many more brands available in the market, if you want information about extra or more brands and its price  then you can search it online. Some of the most desired and top five brands of spectacles are:-

1.Calvin Klein

2.Ray Ban





Spectacle is a kind of mechanism which helps for correction in vision or worn for safety purpose. Normally it is made up of lens and frame. There are different kinds of glass worn as per its need for example in sunny days we need to wear sunglass, for 3D visualization we have to use 3d glass etc. I hope this article will help you to explore your knowledge more about spectacles.