Penny Johnson and husband Gralin Jerald, married since 1982, working on a documentary together!!

September 24, 2015
First Published On: September 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Penny Jackson Jerald after having gone through over eight season’s of the hit TV show Castle has declared that she will be taking a Hiatus from her acting career. She has taken this break so as to devote her time to her documentary film, which is based on the corruption within the juvenile system.

Penny Jackson Jerald and her musician and songwriter husband Gralin Jerald have been married for over thirty four years. When rumors began to spring out that Penny and Gralin were going through a rough patch in their long marriage .Penny made no comments on the matter but rather posted a photo of Gralin on her Twitter page with a caption “My reason to keep loving.”

Penny and Gralin have only one daughter from their thirty four years of marriage. Penny wanted to conceive more kids, but due to some medical difficulties early on in her life she could not do so. She and Gralin were in total bliss when their daughter was born. Gralin has said “it was the miracle we needed “.

She and Gralin have just finished the shooting of her documentary in which Gralin has helped her with the background score. They were recently seen visiting various juvenile centers in an around their home state to thank numerous people for their help to successfully complete her long awaited project.

Penny has said that she and Garin are a good team. She has also mentioned in the past that Garini has always been the rock in their relationship, supporting her through all of her difficult time. Most importantly, when Penny lost her father a few years back, Garin once again showed how much he cared for her and her family by always being by Penny’s father side in the hospital, right till the end.

The couples have also been seen time and again, attending premiers and award ceremonies. Garin has always accompanied Penny to all of her outings. They are never seen without each other. They are also seen holidaying all over the world and have been seen by fans in Japan, South America, the Mediterranean and most recently, she just announced on her Twitter page that this Christmas she and Garin, along with her daughters are heading to Rio de Janeiro brazil .

Penny is known for her role in TV shows like Castle, 24 and has a huge fan following for her character in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Penny has been linked to the Star Trek franchise for a possible reboot to the series and will be featuring once again as the legendary character Kasidy Yates, when the show premiers sometime in 2017.

Penny is a fairly popular figure on twitter with over 50K followers and can be followed under the username @btwprod. Penny doesn’t use the popular photo sharing social networking site Instagram.