Penn Badgley talks about his "terrible" band name.

Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley shares about his unique name in his terrible band ‘MOTHXR’.

The role of Dan Humphrey made Penn more lionization than other in Gossip Girl. Penn gained more gossip in Dan Humphrey than any other. He was in the whisper for dating her co-star of Gossip Girl Blake Lively. Recently he is the Lead singer for Brooklyn-based indie band Mother stylized as 'MOTHXR'. He is also a Member of the Baha’i faith.

There has been a huge drama related to the band names. In 2014, Penn Badgley and his band members composed a title song easy on sound cloud, and it achieved stipulated amount of popularity.


Bout to come out with a Christian rock record. Wait for it ????

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He said “The second we sat down, it just immediately became that band,” Badgley told EW at De Nolet Presented by Ketel One Vodka. “We worked in an incredibly fluid and spontaneous process. It was purely electronic, and also purely organic. They say they earn no money."


 “I lived here shooting Gossip Girl, and I stayed because I was meeting like thee guys [his bandmates] and developing relationships that were both friendship, romantic and creative,” he says. “Williamsburg — New York in general — even though it’s being sucked out day by day, it’s still a creative mecca."

“I’ve stayed because it keeps inspiring me.”