Paul Scheer and wife June Diane Raphael, married since 2009, thinking of baby no 2??

September 24, 2015
First Published On: September 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Year 2015 is being called the year of heart breaks as several of our favorite couples have either split up or divorced unceremoniously. But we don’t think so. We think this year is the year of love and hope because there were also several lovely couples who either tied the knot or became parents. And giving continuation to the trend, actor, comedian Paul Scheer and his dear wife June Diane Raphael are planning to expand their family.

The couple welcomed their first child, Augustus “Gus” Scheer on April 30 last year. The couple was over the moon when they gave the good news to the media and their fans via social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Gus turned one this April. And with that, the proud parents have started making plans for having baby number two.

Rumor has it that the lovely husband and wife duo are thinking of adding one more member to their cute little family. A source quite close to the couple claimed that the Fresh off the Boat star and his wife love kids, which is why they are eager to expand their family of three.

The source added: “Gus is growing up fast and he does not have anybody to play except his toys and a maid in the house. Both Paul and June realize this and they want to have another baby so that their son would have a sibling and a friend.

“They want to conceive as soon as possible because they want to keep very little gap between the first and the second child,” revealed the insider.

The informant also added that the pair would love to have a daughter if possible because a son was already enough trouble for them. So they want to have a daughter as their second child because they think girls are easier to take care.

Last year, after the birth of their first baby, Paul and his wife jokingly said: “The family is really excited to get him ready to be a contestant on next season's Dancing With the Stars.” We wonder what would they say when their next baby arrives? Maybe they’ll say, “The family is really excited to get her ready to be a contestant on next season of Miss USA.” (wink)

Neither the couple nor their rep has commented on the rumor.

The happily married couple started dating each other in the year 2004. They first met when Paul offered to help June and fellow actress Casey Wilson with their comedy show, “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet”. They later married in October 2009 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Remembering his first date, the actor told LA Weekly back in February, how he felt: “It was January and surprisingly warm.”

“So we walked home together, and when I got to June's apartment, she went in for the kiss.”

The couple now live in Los Angeles.