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Paul Murray's child with his wife Sian died due to premature complications. See their story

November 6, 2016
First published on:November 6, 2016
by John

Paul Murray a successful media personality from Sydney, Australia; he is the host of Paul Murray Live on Sky News Australia. Being a conservative radio and TV broadcaster, he has gained lots of popularity and success. But it's hard when you lose the precious piece of your heart and left with little memories to hold on to.

Paul Murray and his wife Sian Murray were blessed with a son; unfortunately, he died just some hours after his birth due to premature birth complications. Paul's thought of being a happy father shattered the moment he heard this news.

Paul Murray

Paul Murray

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And it doesn’t matter how tough you are, the grief of loosing someone you wanted to spend your whole life never goes away.

Death of Paul Murray's son

Paul Murray's son

Paul Murray's son


Paul and Sian farewell their son Leo Murray right after 24 hours of his birth. The heart aching news left Paul and his wife Sian broken when they finally realized their newly born son wasn’t coming home. The little guy has unpreventable diseases, an un-diagnosable condition, Vasa praevia, which left no chance for him to survive.

After short time of death, he received an offensive tweet by his colleague Andrew McMicking which Paul later tweeted as a dog act. The tweet was response of the post by Dan Ginnane where Andrew McMicking said "Paul, is it OK to say now your dead son Leo is a grub and deserved to die? Just thought I'd match your editorial tonight. Reply pls".



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Paul Murray blessed with second child

Paul Murray and his wife Sian Murray

Paul Murray and his wife Sian Murray

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Paul Murray and his wife Sian Murray went through huge tragedy as their first child Leo passed away after a premature birth in August 2012. Paul and Sian were again blessed with second child. The second child was a daughter and they named them Asher Murray.

In an interview for Mamamia TV, Paul Murray describes what it is like the second time. Paul opens up and says that his late son Leo memories are always with him. He is very glad that his second child is a daughter. "I'm glad she's a little girl because we only had Leo for a day and half and that was my boy's experience could be different", he says.

When Paul was asked if he feels Leo's ghost with him as they left the hospital, he replied saying, they had a nursery set up for Leo. So the fact that Leo never made it to the Nursery, it's Asher's now. But Leo is still there. "Asher is protected by her mummy, her daddy and her brother".

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