Patty Loveless and her husband, Emory Gordy headed towards divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   01 Apr, 2016Updated on   01 Apr, 2016

Nobody ever knows that what could happen at what time. Similarly, Patty Loveless and her husband were unaware that the music of elevator was going to turn into their wedding bells. This case with Loveless and her husband Emory Gordy Jr. is much like a romantic movie story where they first met in an elevator and gradually started becoming close with each other.

The couple dated for more than two years and married each other. After the meet at elevator, Loveless was like is this mousy person a producer? She thought him a painter. But who would know that beautiful Loveless would find her soul mate in the same painter looking producer. Gordy Jr. was little bit more romantic than Loveless as he always used to plan dinners and dates.

Unlike most newlyweds, the couple had a secret marriage ceremony on February 6, 1989 in Gatlinburg, Tenn. Now the couple has already crossed the silver jubilee of their marital life. No any news about their divorce is on speculation as they are seen together in most of the functions and shows. The couple does not have children yet and are not heard of adopting babies.

Loveless has previously married her ex-husband Terry Lovelace from whom her professional name Loveless has been derived.

59 years old Loveless still looks young and beautiful. The lady with the refreshing traditional voice is the daughter of real life coal miner. The singer Loveless had seen the real poverty and grown up with her dream of being a Country singer. Loveless’ interest in music was raised inside her since she was of 12.

As her older sister Dottie was an aspiring singer who used to perform frequently at small clubs, with her brother Roger Ramey. Passion towards singing seems to be the influence of her siblings in Loveless. The music star Loveless had earned her first money $5, when she started working on stage with her brother Ramey, in the place of her sister Dottie who quit singing after her marriage. As she felt little hesitation at first, but she loved the way her brother was appreciated with applauses and shy Loveless left hesitating and started singing properly leaving her shyness.

Loveless truly came into her own as an artist in the early 1990s. Till date, she has charted more than 40 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. She is also a vocalist and a guitarist. She had done different tours for her performances.

Loveless’ brother Ramey is considered to be her godfather as he is the one who had helped Loveless entirely in starting her music journey and made her established. And Loveless gives credit to her husband’s contribution in her career too.

Now, her net worth is at $14 million.