Patriot's Stephen Gostkowski , age 31, is breaking his teams and NFL records this season

December 1, 2015
First Published On: December 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Stephen Gostkowski, so far in 2015, has only missed one place kick, making him the most accurate kicker in NFL history. He is also known for his consistent and prolific scoring record. This has made him the only the second person in NFL history to score more than 500 points in his first four seasons.

Stephen is also the first player in NFL history to surpass the 1000 points mark. He achieved this milestone mostly through his place kicks. He also currently holds the NFL record for most average points per game at 8.67.

He has been awarded the leagues’ lead scorer for three years in arrow from 2012-14. Last year, Stephen surpassed another milestone in his career by becoming the New England Patriot’s all time lead scorer. This year, in just eight games, he has managed to be the all time leader in terms of field goals for The Patriots.

Stephen is considered one of the most important player on the Patriots team, even surpassing Tom Brady, who is by far the most popular American Footballer on the planet. Stephen has been so crucial for the team that the New England manager has said “without Stephen, I wouldn’t think of winning.”

Stephen is known for his unique style and approach to the game, which has helped him secure greatness in the game so far. His style comprises of orthodox football mixed with a lot of innovative approach. He has said his style is evolutionary football, which has helped him be a precision master on the field.

Stephen currently holds a contract with the Patriots till 2019, in which his yearly salary is an estimated $4.5 million. He is one of the highest paid active footballer .Stephen also make side income through various endorsement deals with major sports brands.

Stephen is known for his hunger for the game and his ability to avoid injuries, even after being one of the most tackled player n the league. Surprisingly, Stephen has never had an injury so far and he has said the secret behind this is his awesome physical fitness and constant and rigorous monitored exercise.

Stephens team mate have said Stephen is a beast in the gym and is more serious inside the gym than on the field.

Stephen is “one of the most down to earth husband any wife could ask for” according to Stephen’s wife Hallie Gostowski. Hallie is Stephen’s college sweetheart who is as humble as Stephen and continues to work as a nurse in Boston, despite being the wife of one of the richest sportsman in US.

Stephen and Hallie were married in 2008 and have one daughter through their marriage.

Stephen is just 31 years of age and he has a height of 6 feet 1 inches. He has already broken many long standing records and he has said he wishes to break as many records as he can before retirement.

Stephen is not into social media and seldom uses popular social net working platforms like Twitter and Instagram.