Patriot's Jamie Collins, age 26, out of the field due to illness; Team president denies allegations against the team facility

December 1, 2015
First Published On: December 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Jamie Collins, who had been ruled out for the past four weeks, will finally be making a return to the New England Patriots side in game week 13. Jamie, who is not prone to injuries, suffered an illness four weeks back. The New England management, however, has been suspiciously quiet to the media about the details.

Recently, the team president, in an exclusive interview, went on to discus Jamie’s absence by saying that he had unfortunately contracted a virus from the team facility. This isn’t the first time the New England player’s facility has been criticized for endangering players’ health.

The president however clarified to the media and the world at large that the team takes good care of the physical facility and also confirmed that Jamie did not contract the virus from the facility. Rather, he got the virus from the outdoors.

Collins, who just made his return to the practice session, is already a hundred percent fit and will be taking to the field in game week 13. Analysts have reported that the four week miss has had a damaging effect on Collins stats and fantasy scores. Players who currently play Collins should immediately rethink their strategy for this season immediately, or they might have to give up on the season completely.

Collins had been under quarantine for the past four weeks because of the fear within the Patriots management that the virus could spread in the team if Collins made any form of contact. They could not determine the seriousness of the illness and wanted to stay on the safe side. Now, the matter is over and they have said it was a very weak virus. Still, Collins was kept out an extra week for as a precaution.

Collins has missed three games and nine practice routines since his infection a month back. Now that he is back on the squad, the team hopes to capitalize on his abilities. The team desperately needed a linebacker after Dion Lewis’s injury and now they have the perfect match.

Collins directly joined the New England Patriots after his college in 2013 and honed the #91 jersey, which he has honored with his exceptional skill set. Prior to joining his current team the Patriots, he played college football in Southern Mississippi.

Collins just turned twenty six this year and has a long and illustrious career ahead of him if he carries on performing the way he has been. Collins has a four year contract with New England Patriots for $4 million in direct salary, excluding endorsements and advertisement.

His average yearly salary from the team has been estimated at $940,250.

Collins is not much of a social net worker and seldom uses social media. However, he can be followed on twitter @j_collins91.