Patriot's Danny Amendola, age 30, expected back in the game on Week 13; injury may affect his rankings

New England Patriots have been suffering major setbacks early this season due to critical injuries in the team. This has led to severe underperformance by the defending champions. Professional analyst have said the players affected by the injuries do not return immediately, the Patriot’s prospect of defending the title will diminish gravely. They may not even stand a chance for play-offs this season.

The latest of many injuries in the New England team is Danny Amendola, who plays wide receiver for the team. Also to be noted, Danny’s miss from recent games will prove to be a massive upset for fantasy football players as he has been sidelined for about a month .He is set to make his comeback on game week 13.

However, fantasy analyst have said that the best measure for fantasy players is to substitute Danny further till he is back on the team and has played a game or two at the most. Danny’s status has come down rushing and he has been missing practice lately.

However Danny’s return, has forecasted a promising outlook for the Tom Brady fantasy prospects as Danny is a critical member of the composition. Danny, while talking to sources about his return, has promised a massive win when he makes his return to the team.

Danny’s stats, so far in the season, are outstanding, with him already managing to catch 19 passes. He also has run 196 yards in just eight games, which is exceptional by any standards.

Danny has been sidelined due to a knee sprain and has already finished his physiotherapy for his return. His physiotherapist has said that he is going to come back even faster and stronger than before his injury.

Danny began his professional career with the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent and signed with his current team, New England Patriots, in 2013. Danny’s contract with the New England is for 5 years, with a total sum of $28.5million. He has also been guaranteed $10 million for the first two years.

Danny is 30 years of age and has mentioned that he will continue to play professional football until he is 40 years of age. He is also currently one of the fastest players in NFL and can make the forty yard dash in just less than 4.58 seconds.

Danny’s ranking on the fantasy pro world rankings is #24. Earlier, he was ranked #17, but he slipped few places after he contracted injury. However, he is set to make a return and analyst have said that this year, Danny is destined to break into the top ten rankings.

Danny’s girlfriend has been rumored to be the beautiful NBC TV host and presenter Kay Adams. Sources close to them have said Kay is also all set to be Danny’s future wife.