Patriot's Chandler Jones, age 25, ready to take on Broncos for his team, The New England Patriots

December 1, 2015
First published on:December 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Chandler Jones, the core of the New England Patriots Team who also happens to be the defending champions of the NFL, has said that this year, he is ready to demolish Broncos, the only team who remain undefeated so far in the NFL.

Jones, who is one of the most feared defenders in the League, is known for his brutal tackles and awesome interceptions. He seems all pumped up to face his team’s biggest and fiercest rivals, who are also the only other title contender this season.

The New England defense, which seems to have had a major setback after their star Don’t’a Hightower was ruled out of participating in any more games until further notice, has received immense encouragement from Jones .

Jones has also inspired his defense line to take the game to Broncos and not wait for them to come their way. Jones and the team had a special training session this Monday to help them prepare better for the game ahead. The game has been deemed crucial for this season and some analyst have also went on to say that the winner might be seen taking away the trophy this season.  

The Patriots, who maintain a perfect home record in over twenty games, will be looking to keep that record. Losing will mean that the team simply cannot do without players like Hightower and Gronkowski.

A loss in the following Broncos game will mean that New England will seriously have to rethink this season’s strategy if they want to be successful title defenders. A loss would also mean that their defense line is actually extremely vulnerable and proper executing of a play can easily dismantle the over rated defense line.  

Jones joined the New England Patriots team straight from college. Jones value to the team is extremely significant he is known for his sacks. In just his first eight games of the 2015 season, he has already managed 11.5 sacks.

Jones currently holds a five year contract with the New England Patriots for an overall salary of $7.79 million. His other income sources include various endorsements and advertisement he has signed with multiple organizations.

At just twenty five years of age, Jones is already one of the most established defenders in the league. Many have said that if he continues to perform the way he has been doing, he will, in a few years, become one of the best defenders in NFL history.

On a personal level, Jones is rumored to be dating the pretty volleyball star Cherynne Montanero, who sources say is his girlfriend. The two have been seen going on dates to various spots in New York and Detroit. Cherynne has also been spotted at many of the New England games rooting for Jones. 


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