Patrick John Flueger and girlfriend Marina Squerciati, dating since 2014, thinking of getting married soon?

January 27, 2016
First Published On: January 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Remember Captain America aka Steve Rogers??? It would have been Patrick Fleuger playing this role if not for Chris Evans. Although he didn’t get the role, he surely impressed everyone in the audition.

The very sexy Patrick Fleuger is currently dating Marina Squerciati, whom he first met on the set of ‘Chicago P.D’ on 2014. And after 2 years, it seems talk of their marriage is finally sparking off.

Both of them are main characters on the series, so they have a lot of interaction, which initiated the relationship between these two and their own love story finally hit off. They are a great match for each other and they can often be spotted together outside the set.

Currently, Patrick is 32 years of age and it seems a lot of people believe it’s time for him to get married. But we really wonder if he is thinking the same regarding his current girlfriend Marina Squerciati. It’s been two years since their relationship and reports are suggesting that they might be thinking of taking this to the next level.

Girls sure do love his shirtless appearance and he has become one of the hottest sensations nowadays. Flueger has many fan girls around the world who not only admire his work, but are also deeply in ‘love’ with him. Reaching a height of 6 feet, he is a tall man and girls really dig him.

Patrick is not very active in social media. but he shares some of his story when need be. Despite being so popular, he is a calm and collective person. He knows how to be thankful to his fan and is an honest and kind person.

Talking about his personal life, he had previously dated Carly Pope and Briana Evigan. Both of them he dated for 3 years until they broke up.

He is not known to have a wife. And since he had dated some girls, we can confirm that he is definitely not gay.

Handsome and dashing Patrick started off his acting career back in 2002 with the Disney movie ‘Princess Diaries’, where he played the role of Jeremiah Hart.  His first big break came from the television series ‘The 4400’ with his character Shaw Farrell.

Now, he is one of the fan favorites with his role of Officer Adam Ruzek in American Police drama series Chicago P.D. He has also appeared in over a dozen movies like Spin (2007), Killer Theory (2009), Footloose (2011). He has also appeared in several TV shows like Scoundrel, Criminal Mind, etc.

He has net worth of millions of dollars and based on his performance, we can say that his salary must be pretty attractive. He is a up and happening star so we only assume that his net worth will soon hit hundreds of millions.