Pat Sajak Net worth in 2017: See his mansion in Severna and source of money

HitBerryPublished on   10 Jan, 2017Updated on   12 Mar, 2018

Pat Sajak is an American talk show host, television personality, former weatherman, and actor who came into the spotlight after appearing in the television game named "Wheel of Fortune". The show gave him a new identity and thus started ruling the world of television (talk host).


The pleasant personality of the talk show host Pat Sajak has attracted many people towards him.  Since his show "Wheel of Fortune" has been broadcasted, he is successfully staying in the eye of the viewers. 

The personal details regarding his net worth, house and relationship are mostly searched. And here is little information regarding it:

Pat Sajak Net Worth

After so much successful works, Pat Sajak has always been listed in the top richest television host all over the world. To be frank, he is estimated to have around $45 million net worth.

Talking about his salary, his annual salary is around $12 million which means he earns around $1 million per month. Wow…

But where did this huge money come from? How is he able to earn such a huge amount every month? Yes, this is the normal question that arises when Pat's net worth is talked about.

Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak Source: streetfightmagcom

Pat Sajak’s Mansion in Severna

There were rumors of Pat Sajak floating around regarding his new house in Severna Park Home. So, is the news true? Yes, well, the rumors are absolutely is true.

Pat Sajak has bought a beautiful and royal mansion in Severna Park. Talking about the total worth of the house, Pat paid around $1.275 million for the mansion in Severna.

Pat Sajak Mansion in Severa (Map)

Pat Sajak Mansion in Severa (Map) Source: .celebrityhousepictures

Pat Sajak Source of Money

If the net worth of Pat Sajak is $45 million then where did such a huge amount come from? How did he manage to earn such a huge amount? Going straight back to the topic, the source of wealth of Pat has earned is all from being a television personality, game show host, and former weatherman.

All the money he has earned has all came from these three fields. He first entered the media as a television personality, later game host for a game show on the television and now he is working as a weatherman. Actually, his long hosted show "Wheel of Fortune" which made him famous and rich.

Pat Sajak on "Wheel of Fortune"

Pat Sajak on "Wheel of Fortune" Source: cdn1.ijr

Pat Sajak Relationship

Pat is a married man and is married to Lesly Brown on 31st December 1989. The couple has been married for around 29 years and still living happily with their two children. The duo named their children as Maggie Sajak, born in 1995, and Patrick Michael James Sajak, born in 1990.  

Pat Sajak's Family

Pat Sajak's Family Source: chinadaily

Pat Sajak was previously married to Sherrill Sajak. The couple married in 1979 but unfortunately divorced after nine years of marital relationship. 

Also See Pat Sajak and his second wife Lesly Brown Sajak; married for 28 years. Pat was divorced previously