Pascal craymer shows off stunning body in lingerie.

May 8, 2016
First Published On: May 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Although Pascal Craymer may not be the most modest girl around one cannot deny that she has an amazing figure that she likes to flaunt a lot. We do not have any problem as long as she does not have any problem with showing us.

Craymer yet again did not disappoint us showing off her hot and sexy body in the lingerie for the charity show. I guess, for many people she was the charity enough. Hmmm...

First, she showed amazingly hot orange and pick lingerie followed by the lace lingerie which definitely increased the temperature in that room. Why? First, it was see-through and we definitely saw it through. Want to see it? Of course, you do!


Well, it may dazzle our eyes but Pascal really should look out for her body and her clothes. This yoga instructor was also a victim of the wardrobe malfunction in different occasion.

First, during her outdoor yoga session in the hot tight yoga dresses, we got to see the glimpse of underwear when the tight trouser strained for her intense training. And when the sun shined at the right part, it became too dazzling for us.


Yet another example was when she was wearing double thigh split dress in January 2016 when we got to see the glimpse of her nipples and other parts that are way too private to be left free. The green dress was definitely eco-friendly.


She just smiled boldly and posed with little effort to conceal her modesty. Despite her wardrobe malfunction, she was cool and went on like it was all part of the plan. Makes us wonder if she is doing all of these on purpose.