Pamela Silva Conde and husband Cesar Conde renewing their wedding vows??

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

Pamela Silva Conde and husband Cesar Conde have been married since the year 2009. They married at the Biltmore Hotel in the most famous wedding spot in the state of Florida in Coral Gables. Friends and family of the Silva and Cesar said it was a truly spectacular wedding and haven’t been to such an event in their lifetime.

They were married in the Epiphany church and the reservation was at the Biltmore. The wedding was attended by more than 200 hundred guest including many celebrities, making it a star studded event. The local media said that it was the Grand event of that year in Florida.

Cesar was the president of the Univision Network where Pamela hosted her record breaking show Despeirta America, which is Spanish for (Wake up America). Pamela and Cesar first met in the year 2005 when Pamela had come from her home country Peru to sign her contract with Univision. Upon meeting Cesar, they both fell for each other instantly and have been inseparable ever since.

The couples have been so in love that there have been rumors of them renewing their wedding vows soon. Some sources claim that Pamela and Cesar have now decided to renew their vows every six years. They have even sparked rumors of a possibility of children. Now that they have accomplished much in their careers, they think that they now have enough time to give to children.  

The couple have also moved from the west coast to New York where Cesar has taken up a executive role at NBC Universal after stepping down from president of the Univision company. Pamela is likely to follow suit and start working for NBC in a new show. There have been speculations of a show specifically for the emerging immigrant population in the east coast. After having accomplished much more in the west coast, she has deiced to do something substantial on the east coast.

Pamela has had an outstanding career and has a record six Emmy awards under her, which is the most number of Emmys won by any foreign born American. Her journalistic skills are unmatched and her effort to showcase news like no other has been a major contribution for her success. Many claim there aren’t many as courageous and brave reporters like Pamela today. She reported the Boston marathon terrorist attack live from Boston from every angle while severely endangering her life.

Pamela has just reached the prime of her life at the age of 34 and has said she will continue to report on news from around the globe, no matter what the circumstances are. Pamela was the highest paid anchor, reporter in the Univision Company, although her salary remained undisclosed due to company regulations. Pamela is an active social networker with over 316K followers on Twitter and is known to frequently post feeds and even communicate with fans. Pamela can be followed on Twitter under the username @PAMELASILVA.