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Pam Byse and husband Morris Chestnut are the happiest couple in Hollywood. They have 2 kids

September 25, 2016
First published on:September 25, 2016
by John

Pam Byse is the wife of renowned American actor Morris Chestnut who gained worldwide popularity with his 1991 movie Boys n The Hood. The couple has been married for 20 years and is still going strong.

Morris Chestnut's relationship with his wife Pam

Morris, who attended California State University, first met his wife at a club in Atlanta, as per Black Celebrity Men. When he spotted Pam, he asked his friend about her and his response was, "No man, don't waste your time! She don't give anybody no play". 

47-year-old Chestnut married his wife Pam Byse in the year 1996. They have beautiful children - a daughter named Paige and a son named Grant. Paige just completed her high school from Calabasas High School, California and Grant, 20, is a student at University of Colorado. 

In an interview with Essence, Rosewood star Morris opened up about his closeness with his wife "The thing that has been keeping us strong is mutual respect", he answered. California born actor, also expressed that when he met his beautiful wife Pam, he had a feeling that she would stick around with him - "I knew that she would be a great mother looking at how she took care of her family. She had immense respect for her mother and family, and those were the foremost qualities I saw in her which I realized would make her a great life partner", he added.

Their 20-year-long marriage has constantly gained stability with communication and understanding, as per Huffington Post Live. We are sure that his family has always been there for his support during his hard times.

In a statement with BET, The Best Man Holiday actor clearly expressed that he lets his wife be the woman and in turn his wife also lets him be the man, How sweet of Morris to give all the priority and pampering to his love!

The couple are seen together at almost all events together. This shows how deeply rooted their relationship is. 

Morris Chestnut with his wife at the 45th NAACP Awards

Morris Chestnut with his wife at the 45th NAACP Awards

Morris Chestnut and his children

Every Valentine's Day, the father of two gifts his adorable daughter with a bouquet of flowers, not just to his wife and his mother. Chestnut winner of NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, also took the opportunity on Facebook to post a picture of his daughter - ready from Prom. He captioned it with -#Growingtoofast. Indeed, his children really are growing faster by the days.

Seems like the father-son bond is quite strong. After all, its Morris Chestnut, who seems to be a rather cool person!

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