Painting and Decorating Kid's Room Within Budget

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A good thing about art is you don't need to push your limit when you are painting with neutral colors or play with the standard rules in your interior decoration. Instead, you have the freedom to explore any boundaries and let your imagination flow with color.

Then you and your kids can come up with the idea for the room which might help him to explore and stimulate his creativity. It's also fun to work with and can be challengeable as well. Especially when you are decorating kids room, it's not gonna be cheap and may cost you a lot. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out with how to paint kid's room in easy ways.

Creativity-and-plenty-of-paint-transform-this-small-kids-bedroom Creativity-and-plenty-of-paint-transform-this-small-kids-bedroom

Step 1 - Plan the project

Before you start decorating you need to plan the project for the painting and ensure that every thing is going right and at the same time you need to think about saving money process too. Before you start, you need to think about themes for girls or for boys you need to ensure that which themes will be best at an affordable price.

Both girls and boys have their own choices of themes. Most boys prefer space, cars, sports, dinosaur, cowboy, and superheroes. For girls, fairy tale, flowers, and princess' themes can be considered.

room planing room planing

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Step 2 - Start with the wall and ceiling paints

Start the coat of paint on your kid's wall by using a clean paint brush or roller. Let your kids pick up the themes which will be suitable for him/her. For example, if your little boy picks the superhero theme, the color would revolve around black, blue red and yellow.

wall and celing wall and celing

Step 3 - Create Wall Decals

Wall decals might be quite expensive but it's not if you can make your own at home. If you have a printer then you can make your own design with the help of graphic designs, what types of design your child may prefer. For example, for the little girl who's into flowery themes, you can print out blossom flower and orchids flower what she prefers onto the sticker sheets which you can use to stick onto to the walls. If you are confused then you can search free royalty graphic on the web as you like.

decals decals

Step 4 - Adorn the Walls

At the side of the wall decals, you can also hang different kinds of wall decor for your kid's room. You may hang theme-related decors as you like such as posters of race cars, superheroes or cartoon characters for this kind of themed room.

adron adron

Posters may be found very cheap. You can make your own imagination and print out if have a large enough printer that can accommodate poster sized paper. Once you are done then you can frame it and hang it on the wall

Step 5 - Buy Kid's Bedroom Furniture    

For your kid’s furniture, the best way is to shop online. To save money, the online market is one of the best and cheap ways because the online markets offer you everything at much lower and cheaper than the traditional market. You can also search or scout for furniture in garage sales and thrift shops.

Another best option is to use old furniture and remodel it to give them a brand new look. A classic Victorian bed would be out of place inside a space-themed room.


bed Victorian Bed

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