Youtube Star, Jazz Jennings The Youngest Transgender, Facing Difficulty Finding Perfect Boyfriend

February 22, 2017
First Published On: February 22, 2017
by HitBerry

Jazz Jennings is an American YouTube personality, LGBTQ rights activist, spokesmodel and television personality. The 16-year-old Jazz came to highlight after her YouTube videos began to get huge views.

Jazz Jennings is transgender who starred in new TLC series. Recently, we have been hearing about the dating rumors of Jazz. She is in search of her boyfriend right now. Let’s know about her in more detail.


Jazz Jennings's Personal Life

Jazz Jennings was born a male but from age of 2, she knew that she was a girl born in a boy’s body. She is the youngest of her siblings and loves playing soccer. Her parents named her Jaron at the time of her birth. Jazz began to choose stuff as a girl as she grew up.

Jazz Jennings

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Jazz Jennings and her family

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She says she always loved dolls, sparkles and everything feminine. I am Jazz is a documentary based on her life as a transgender teenager. Jazz has been one of the youngest transgender to receive national attention.

Jazz Jennings has always got full support from her family. Jazz has a small tight group of her girlfriends. Jazz says that she has been treated well by her girlfriends and sometimes they even forget that she is a transgender.

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Now let’s talk about her boyfriends. When Jazz was 14, she said that boys think disgusting and weird. Her mother used to force her to go to school dressed as a boy. She found it very difficult to adjust with boys. Jazz wants guys to like her.

Jazz's parents Jeanette Jennings and Greg Jennings

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Jazz Jennings realized many problems as she reached her puberty. In 2013 she was shocked after her male admirer asked what body parts of boy do you have. After some moments Jazz said to her mom that he accepted her for who she is. She revealed it during her 20th episode.

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It seems like it has been very difficult for Jazz to find her boyfriend. She said that she would like to meet a cute trans boy who would be her true love

She admits that she is struggling to date because straight boys think that it is social suicide to date a trans girl. She also said that boys flirt with her female friends but to her, they respond as if she does not exist.

Jazz Jennings said she is proud to be transgender and she will date a boy who will accept her as she is and support her in every step of her life. Watch the video below to know how she felt as she grew up as transgender.