William Devane spills the secret to his over 50 years of happy married life with wife Euginie

October 20, 2015
First Published On: October 20, 2015

Hollywood is a place where you don’t really expect a couple’s relationship to last long. Even if they do manage to keep their relationship alive for a long time, one day they are bound to fall apart. This is how things work in the show biz. You meet a person. You fancy him. You go on a date and fall in love just like that. You move on together and start sharing a house and each other’s life. You slowly start to see each other’s weaknesses. Differences and misunderstanding pop up in your relationship and you slowly start drifting apart. And then you slowly put an end to your relationship and what happens next? You move on and find someone else.

But not everyone has such a tragic ending to love story. There are some who have successfully kept their marriage alive. Hollywood actor William Devane, aged 78, and his wife Euginie Devane have been together for more than 50 years and their married life is still as strong as it was fifty years ago.

The couple married each other back in 1961 and they have two children together. The actor recently spilled the secret behind their long lasting wedded life with his wife. The Marathon Man star believes that the most important thing in a relationship is trust. He attributes the trust and understanding between him and his wife to be the main reason behind their successful and happy marriage.

Devane revealed how he never hides anything from Euginie and vice versa. “I have always been a family man and I can guarantee you that there are very few occasions where I have lied to Euginie. She is a strong willed, loving and honest woman and when I first met her I knew that she was the one,” the actor said.

He further added: “Euginie has always been quite honest to me. She understands me quite well and has been supporting me from the very beginning of my career. She has always been there for me in every step of my life and she has helped me reach the height of my career. She knows what’s best for me and our family. I gave up all the responsibility of taking care of family and raising the kids to her. But that does not mean that I didn’t help her,” he laughed.

“I have always been quite responsible towards my kids and wife. But the reason why I handed over the reins to our family to her is because I know she can handle them well. She is the perfect house wife, mother and partner. That’s why, as I told you before, trust is the core reason behind a successful married life,” he concluded.

Hearing him talk about his wife and relationship, it seems his married life really is blissful. The actor has appeared in several movies and TV shows and he is not active on Twitter.