Why did Will Gardner, played by Josh Charles, have to leave "The Good Wife"??

September 24, 2015
First published on:September 24, 2015
by HitBerry

One of the most loved characters, other than Kalinda, in the sensational TV show The Good Wife was, as many know, Will Gardner. His sudden and unexpected death in the show resulted in many trending topics like #comebackwill on social net working platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Will, who was the only love interest of the show for runner Alicia, was taken out of the show by the creators for plot reasons and climax, according to a statement. Will, who is considered to be a ladies man because of his athletic abilities and charming style, was a fan favorite among many women and young adults around the world.  In the show, Will is accidentally killed by his own client inside of a courtroom, which eventually leads to his death.

The show producers have justified his sudden exit by saying it was important for the series as a whole and if Will had continued on, uneven fullness would set in and further plans could have been disrupted. It would even have diminished his career as he was a sort of anti –hero protagonist and so he needed to go.

Many fans claim to have had an emotional breakdown when witnessing Will’s exit from the show, let alone his death. There have been a number of videos uploaded by many fans on YouTube showing fan reactions to this sudden change in plot. After the disappointment expressed my thousands of fans worldwide, Josh Charles who portrays the Character of Will Gardner, stopped by the famous “The Late show with David Letterman” to explain his sudden exit from the show.

Josh explained as to how his characters death was crucial for the show’s story line and also gave some hope to fans by letting them know that although he has died in the show, he will feature in a number of episodes which will be constructed in a flashback form.

With Will’s character out of the show, fans are now confused as to who will be Alicia’s love interest, as she has an on and off thing going on with Will. After Will’s departure from the show, the fifth season and the sixth have been considered, by critics, to be outstanding in plot. It has been deemed sensation TV material by many.

The series has just been renewed for a record seventh season by the studio and continues to be one of the best TV shows of the 2010s. It is considered by many to be a milestone regarding female protagonist and also praised for its showcase of feminine and gender equality messages and awareness.

Josh Charles, in real life, is married to his long time girlfriend Sophie Flack. The couple married in the year 2013. His wife is a performance and visual artist and has helped Josh get in shape for multiple roles in his career. Josh is a very popular figure on social networking platforms like Twitter with over 150K follower’s .He doesn’t use the picture sharing Instagram though.

Josh also made news for being the highest paid actor in the year 2014 with net earnings as high as $46 million. Josh is only 44 years of age.