Who is Mike Colter's wife? Know about his Married life and Children

March 8, 2017
First Published On: March 8, 2017

Mike Colter is an American actor who came to spotlight for his roles as Lemond Bishop in the TV series The Good Wife. Million Dollar Baby, The following, Salt, and Zero Dark Thirty are some of the movies in which Mike has given his best. His full name is Mike Randal Colter.

 Mike was born on 26 August 1976. From the age of 8, Mike knew that acting would be his career. A Soldiers Story was the movie that inspired Mike to choose acting as a career. And he is one of the successful actors today. Here we will be discussing his married life.

Mike Colter was Criticized for Marrying a White Girl

Mike Colter married Iva Colter in 2016. Iva worked as a professor in the English department during 2008 at Rutgers. She was also a senior executive search consultant at an executive branch before 2012. Iva then started to work as an AVP of Recruiting at Ares Management.

Mike Colter and Iva Colter

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The couple didn't reveal anything about their affairs before. It may be because Mike was criticized for marrying a White Woman. I don’t know why the people go in the traditional thinking time to time.

Mike Colter

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Some of Mike’s fans are unhappy that he married a white woman. In the Wendy Williams Show when the photo of Colter and his wife, Netflix executive, was shown some audience stopped cheering. The same audience who were shouting and cheering when Mike entered the show showed no response after the picture was shown.

In an interview, Mike said that he loves his wife very much and that has nothing to do with the race. No one should be judged according to his/her race. We should go for the character, not the race. Mike met his wife when he was struggling in school. She has been with him for more than 16 years.

These kinds of love are very rare nowadays. 16 years is not a joke. Seems like Mike is a one-woman man. Mike has also suggested to change the mentality of the people and remove the racial discrimination in many interviews. That’s great.

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Do they have any Children?

The couple is so secretive while it comes to their marriage life. They didn't post any pictures with their child. But it is known that the couple has a daughter. They may not have revealed it because they don’t want to involve their children on social sites.