What's Lahmard Tate's net worth? Know his source of money and his prolific career

November 7, 2016
First Published On: November 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Lahmard Tate, AKA Cuba Jr. is an actor and writer born on the 7th of January, 1970. The famous script writer who recently wrote a story for 2015's remake of hit movie franchise of the famous boxing movie Rocky called Creed.

The success of rocky made him huge and now the actor turned scriptwriter has a huge net worth of US $ 16 million and the sole reason behind his huge net worth is the salary he accumulates from his acting and writing skills.

Lahmard Tate's Net worth and Salary

Lahmard Tate in recent days is working on many upcoming TV and movie projects and there is no wonder that the actor has a huge net worth of US $ 16 million as the field of acting and creative writing is a freelance job his salary is not disclosed to the media but it is believed that he takes a huge salary for writing scripts and acting in a movie.

Cuba Jr's acting and writing career

Chicago, Illinois born star actor, and writer started his career with the famous movie Barfly in 1987 in a short role and after playing for Barfly he appeared in numerous short roles in some movies like Across the Tracks, Jason’s Lyric, Without a Pass  and many other TV movies as well as daily shows for Fox entertainment. His first big break as an actor was in Ice Cube starred movie Barbershop released in 2002.

Larenz his elder brother and Larron the youngest brother, they both work as Hollywood actors. We have to admit the family is full of handsome actors. These trio handsome brothers were born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and each of the brothers have established themselves as an established names in Hollywood.



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His most recent work includes Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan starred multi-million dollars movie Creed. He worked as a co-writer of Creed launched in November 2015. The movie which was made with the budget of 35 million broke the Box Office recorded and made around US $ 173.6 million. The movie is one of the best critically acclaimed movies of 2015 which received 51 nominations and won 43 awards in total.

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