Tv writer and producer Vince Gilligan, age 48, and girlfriend of over 20 years, Holly Rice, finally getting married??

January 31, 2016
First Published On: January 31, 2016
by HitBerry

TV writer and producer Vince Gilligan, aged 48, and his girlfriend of over 20 years, Holly Rice, might finally be getting married!! A source close to the producer has confirmed the rumors. 

The insider, who claims to be close to the love birds, confirmed the rumors about the couple’s wedding. The rumors about the much in love pair has been flying high for quite a long time now. The source who came forth clearly confirmed that Gilligan and Rice were indeed getting married to each other. 

The American writer, producer, and director, who is known for his television work as the creator, head writer and executive producer of Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul, has been dating his long time girlfriend, Holly Rice since 1991. But despite being together for more than two decades, the lover duo has never really talked about exchanging wedding vows. 

The couple appear together in several interviews and award shows. But they have never talked about the possibility of ringing wedding bells. We don’t know the reason behind their decision to stay unmarried until now, but they are surely going to get hitched some time soon. 

The source, who claims to be quite close to Gilligan and Rice, said that the couple had finally decided to tie the knot this year. “Vince and Holly are finally getting married this year. The wedding date has not been fixed yet, but the couple is planning to do it in the latter half of this year. Though, if things don’t work out well this year, they might get married earlier next year,” said the informant. 

When asked why the wedding would be postponed, the information bearer said that the couple had been halting their wedding because of Gilligan’s busy work schedule. So, if the producer won’t be able to manage time off from his hectic work then they would either cancel or postpone the wedding for next year. 

“They always wanted to marry each other. But we all know, marriage brings a load of responsibilities on one’s shoulder. So Vince and Holly never tied the knot because he has a busy life. He does not stay in one city. He has to move from place to place and Holly is always there for him.

“But if they had married then it would have been extremely difficult for Holly to move along with Vince. They would have had children and it would have been much harder than now, so they never thought of getting married. Now they have finally decided to get hitched as they are getting lots of pressure from their families. But believe me, the plan could change anytime because Vince is not mentally ready to start a married life,” said the tale bearer. 

We all hope that this handsome hunk exchanges wedding vows with his lover pretty soon. We just wish he does not change his mind in the meantime. We hope to see them together as husband and wife instead of partners this year.

The producer and creator of several TV shows and movies has an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars.