Teresa Palmer and Bodhi are the perfect mother-son pair.

May 1, 2016
First Published On: May 1, 2016

Calling actress Teresa Palmer and her son Bodhi, the perfect mother-son pair in Hollywood won’t be a mistake. Take a look at the pictures of the mother-son tag team if you won’t believe me. They look absolutely amazing in each one of them.

The actress looks stunning in every picture with her well-maintained figure and cool casuals. Her son shows his ‘cuteness overload’ in each of the pictures.

The perfect mother-son pair in town is often seen together. This one is from 29th April when mother-son duo was out running errands in LA.

Source: Daily mail

The mother-son duo looked absolutely amazing this time as well. 

Their pair is perfect in every way you look at it. The actress keeps on posting a lot to show her affection towards his child.

They show their close bond in this black and white photo, Teresa posted. It's cute isn't it?


Teresa has always tried to give Bodhi the perfect love of a mother and that adds on to why they are the perfect mother-son pair.


A busy life is one thing common to all in Hollywood. In the glamorous life of Hollywood, some important things are cast aside in shadows. Devoting time to important things, especially the important people is very important. It is no doubt that creating a balance is difficult but people like Teresa Palmer have done it.

She is a busy Hollywood actress and everyone knows it but she has always been beside her family. She often shows how much she treasures her family. The family had a trip together and the actress posted a picture of them together on facebook.