Taryn Simon and husband, Jake expecting a baby?

March 23, 2016
First Published On: March 23, 2016

After reaching their forties, most people give up their hope of becoming a parent, but multi-disciplinary artist Taryn Simon is definitely not like most people. She is already 41 years old, the age which, for many is far from perfect age to have a first child. Despite this, rumors suggest Simon is expecting a baby with her husband Jake Paltrow after about 10 years of married life.

There has been decrease in number of Simon’s show this year. Her last show was in 2015 in France. She has gone nearly 9 months without a show, the longest ever she has done so. It is believed she is taking this break because her husband doesn’t want her to be stressing about her work when she is pregnant.

Simon was previously seen with what many described as a baby bump, which all goes to give more credibility to these rumors. There are also rumors that Simon is taking maternity classes these days. These is the first instance the couple are going to have a baby together. Both of them reportedly want to be well prepared when the baby comes by taking these classes.

It is reported Simon had been trying to get pregnant for past few years without any success.  This pregnancy is reportedly the result of pregnancy classes and ovulation training Simon has been doing with her husband for nearly a year.

Simon is an alumnus of Brown University. She finished her BA in 1997 with a degree in photography.  Her show ‘The Innocents’ was the first to get mainstream success.  It documents the stories of individuals who were wrongly sentenced to death or life sentences. Socio-economic problems are on the centre of her photographs.  Some of her popular shows are ‘An American Index of Hidden and Unfamiliar’,   ‘Contrabands’ and ‘A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters’.

Simon’s name is hugely respected in field of photography.  Her works are exhibited at ‘Ullens Center for Contemporary Art’,’ Museum of Modern Art’ and ‘Tate Modern’. She has won several prestigious awards throughout her career. She was awarded ‘Contemporary Book Award’ in 2011 for the work she had done in ‘A living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters’. She is also the recipient of prestigious ‘International Center of Photography’, and ‘Guggenheim Fellowship’.

The American artist keeps herself away from social media sites because she reportedly believes she has better things to do with her life. But her fans can keep up with her through her fan website tarynsimon.com.  Information about her works, shows and events can be found in this website.

Photographs of Simon are very popular among art lovers. It is estimated Taryn has earned over $10 million by selling publishing rights for her photographs throughout her career. Her net worth however remains unrevealed.