Singer and Reality star Stacey Solomon dating Steve-O, released her debut album 'Shy' this April

July 13, 2015
First Published On: July 13, 2015
by HitBerry

“That completely took me by surprise.”

These six words said by the X Factor judge Simon Cowell turned Stacy Solomon’s life around. When she sang “What a Wonderful World” in her first audition, Solomon had never thought that she would be one of the top 3 winners of the hit British singing reality show X Factor at a tender age of 19. She never expected that her own life would turn out to be so wonderful. Now the mother of two is all over the media for her recent romantic hook up with the Jack-ass actor Steve O and she has also released her debut album “Shy” recently along with the titular single. Her new song is winning everybody’s heart right now.

As per the recent media updates, the 25 year old young singer is currently dating the American actor and comedian Steve O. The two are seen together quite often nowadays and they are not ‘shy’ about showing off their love for each other. This adorable couple first met in the Channel 4 show ‘Jump’ where they were romantically linked, but Solomon brushed it off as a rumor. She said that they were just good friends. But now Solomon has confirmed the rumor herself and said that they have indeed been dating each other.

 “Yes there is someone I really like. It’s Steve [Steve-O],” she said. “I’m scared to say much in case nothing comes of it. So we’re just seeing how it goes and whether it turns into anything.

“He’s just the nicest person. He’s young at heart and fun like me. But he’s also very thoughtful.” Stacey confessed: “I’ve always been quite nervous about dating anyone because I’ve got kids. If it’s not going anywhere I don’t want to make a big deal. I don’t want to introduce them to lots of different guys."

“He [Steve-O] met them when we were in Austria for The Jump. He’s like one of them – he’s a big kid!” she further elaborated.

Solomon became pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Dean Cox but they spilt up before the birth of their son, Zachary in 2008. Solomon later dated Aaron Barham, whom she met on holiday in Greece, in 2009. Though they became engaged in 2011, their relationship ended before marriage. She gave birth to her second son, Leighton, in 2012. After the birth of their son they broke their engagement.

Now, after a very tumultuous relationship with her previous lovers, she has finally found her new love interest and she is very serious about it. Despite the 15 year old gap, she is not worried about the age difference. Talking to New! Magazine she said, "I don't think I could find a 25-year-old male on my emotional level, to be honest. At 25, you're still a kid - and I have two children, responsibility and a mortgage. My mindset is a lot older than 25."

Steven who is an A-class comedian has seen lot of struggle and has been charged with many legal issues. But despite everything, he is proving himself to be a very good lover and father figure as the couple were seen playing football with Solomon’s kids in North London Park last week. Solomon has taken to posting their pictures in her Twitter handle and instagram.

The reality show queen has not only garnered praise for her singing talent but for her literary skills as well. She published a book called "Walk On By".We hope that they both will continue to be great parents to the kids and Solomon’s debut album finds all the success it deserves.