Sexy Carli Bybel got an affair with her boyfriend. They're planning to buy house for living together

December 1, 2016
First Published On: December 1, 2016
by HitBerry

The news we are about to give you is very exciting and the youtube fashion fans are probably going to jump off their seats after hearing the good news related to the famous youtube fashion guru Carli Bybel. The fashion icon Carli and her fitness freak boyfriend Brett Cap are moving together in and the couple are planning to buy a new house as well.

We are here to give you all of the details about how they mate and their likes and dislikes as well as a rough idea about them possibly living together right in this column of our regular digest. So, if you are a fashion enthusiast and are willing to know all about this hot couple, then without further delay we present to you the love story of Carli Bybel and Brett Cap.

Where and how did they meet each other?

The couple know each other from a long time, Brett was Carli's elder sister's classmate and they know each other since they were kids but they started dating when Carli reached freshmen year and Brett was an in his final year.

So, we can say that this lovely couple is probably made for each other because of their long history of affair since high school. And when Brett approached Carli they quickly started dating each other and it was Brett who proposed Carli when the relationship grew pretty intense.

They have already moved together

The cute couple is obviously planning to buy their own house as reported by an insider. Carli  has already moved in with Brett in his apartment and the couple revealed this in a QNA segment hosted on Bybel's youtube channel on October 13th, 2013's webisode.



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It looks like the couple has grown even closer in their three years living in relationship. With recent success on youtube, Carli and Cap are searching for a suitable home to start their next chapter of life living together.

The couple really appreciate each other

On the same video the couple discussed what they like the most about each other after being asked about it on the facebook page of Carli, the couple almost gave us a moment of cuteness. The lovebirds are pretty much tied into the relationship with each other.

According to Brett, he loves the independent nature and her hard working nature the most. he adds that it makes him feel proud to share his life with a person like Carli.

Brett thinks that Carli has changed his life and made him do a lot of things that he never really thought he could ever do. And Carli also appreciates Brette a lot, according to her she appreciates his loving and caring nature and everything his personality holds.

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