Rishia Haas net worth: How much does the wife of Chef Andrew Scott Zimmern make?

February 9, 2018
First Published On: November 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Well, speaking of the truth, Rishia Haas is popular for being the wife of one of the greatest Chefs in the whole world, Andrew  Zimmern. We sure do know how much Andrew earns, right!


The couple is happily enjoying their marital life without any rumors of divorce. You can check out the net worth of Chef Andrew Scott Zimmern. But the net worth of Rishia Haas is barely talked. So, we will make sure that you will know about her net worth too. Find out.

Rishia Haas's Net Worth

At present, Rishia lives in Edina, Minnesota, with her husband and son Noah. She started working at ‘Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’ as an Administrative Assistants. According to Payscale, an average Administrative Assistants earn around $10.96-$20.64, and they make about $48,444 per year. But hey that is not everything.

[ CAPTION: Rishia Haas ][Source: travelchannel

Before this, she was a former Admissions Coordinator at ‘The Retreat- Alive with the Spirit of Recovery.' And as indicated by Indeed, the admissions coordinator’ salary is around $41,000. So, she must have worked their pretty long time before she headed off. So, in my opinion, her net worth would be in 6 figures as of 2018. I am pretty sure about this.

Rishia Haas Education

Haas attended Anoka High School and later enrolled at Augsburg College for higher education. I think she was still a long way to go in her life; and that her chances of earning more are much higher shortly. Well, we wish you good luck, Rishia.

[ CAPTION: Rishia Haas ][Source: staticflickr

Rishia Haas Personal Life

Her personal life is full of luxury. As we already know about her husband; if you don’t, they got married on 26th December 2002 after a couple of years of dating.  

[ CAPTION: Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern ][Source: suntimesmedia
[ CAPTION: Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern ][Sorce: pictures.zimbio
[ CAPTION: Andrew Zimmern, his son Noah and wife Rishia Haas ][ SOURCE: Hitber ]

Well, his net worth is much higher than that of Rishia's, it’s certain that he fulfills all of her wishes. We can see their pictures on the Internet as Andrew is a trendy guy and everyone kinda knows him.

Together, they have a son named ‘Noah, stuff, ’ and they live together in Edina, in a house full of exotic stuff. I can share stuff if you like. Well, you can see their picture working together right below.

[ CAPTION: Andrew Zimmern and his wife Rishia Haas in their Kitche ][Source: mspmag
[ CAPTION: Zimmern family in their house ][ SOURCE: mspmag ]
The couple is happily enjoying their blissful marital life without any separation or divorce issues. They have never gone through any controversies or separation news. No doubt, Rishia Haas, and Andrew Zimmern is perfectly balancing their respective personal and professional career.