Reasons why Red Forman from the "That 70's Show" is the best dad to any children

February 24, 2016
First Published On: February 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Kurtwood Smith is famous for portraying the role of Red Forman in the sitcom, That 70s show. All those who have watched that show may remember Red Forman as a strict and a paranoid dad who often restricts his own children at several levels, giving threat of physical violence (sarcastic) and so on. Kurtwood Smith, in real life however is far from this role.

Contrary to the series, Kurtwood Smith is actually a very caring and loving father. He married Cecilla Souza in 1974 and the couple got divorced after a decade long relationship. He, then tied the knot to his present wife, Joan Pirkle in 1988. Now, they are living together with two children-one son and a daughter.

Having played the role of a father who is always annoyed with his son, Kurtwood has gained some experience of what a father-son relationship should be and should not be and he is sure to implement it in his real life as well. A true actor always studies from his performance and makes changes where necessary.

Another factor that may be the reason that Kurtwood is a great dad is the fact that the role of the annoyed father that he portrayed that he played in The 70s shows comes from the personality of his own step dad. He knows better than what an annoyed and a paranoid dad can do to his children. He has suffered it and does not want his children to suffer as well. The trauma of his past and his experience has led to understand the role and importance of father in a persons life.

Although we may agree that even though Red was strict, he also was caring, it is not something that happens in real life. In real life Kurtwood amend his son’s mistake, questions his belief for making him reason stronger and so on. He is not only a good father but a good teacher as well. His children adore and respect him.

Kurtwood is also known for his role in action Sci-fi movie Robocop (1987) as Boddicker. His trade mark bad guy role is what made him a great star he is today. He has appeared in television series Resurrection. Known for his unfathomable love for acting, Kurtwood has become one of the most influencing personality today.

For an actor, it is a great honor for people to be remembered not as the people they are but as the role they play. In an interview, Smith quotes –“I don't mind the audience identifying me with Red”, and people surely do remember him for that exceptional role.

Kurtwood started his acting career in big screen from early 80s and has appeared in numerous movies. He has also appeared in several Television shows.

His net worth is estimated to be around daunting $10 million.