Reality stars Chantelle Houghton and Kerry Katona engage in Twitter spat

July 17, 2015
First Published On: July 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Chantelle Houghton has been in a vicious war with Kerry Katona after she said she was “so over” Katona’s relationship dramas.  The reality TV star, who was the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2006, earlier took her column at New! magazine to write about Katona’s marriage troubles. She wrote :

“Kerry Katona throwing out her husband, George Kay, is obviously a bit sad, but I feel it was always going to happen”

“I'm so over Kerry. It's just one thing after another with her,” the 31 year old continued.

“How much drama can one woman have in her life?”

After all this drama surrounding her private affairs, Katona did not stay silent, she took her Twitter account to post a series of rants about Houghton, calling her “fame hungry” and “judgemental.”

She also called out Houghton’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Alex Reid saying he was “Katie Price’s sloppy seconds” 

In the post, which was a screenshot, Katona wrote:

"Before you judge someone, look deep in the mirror and say do I really have that right? We all have our issues we deal with! not my place to judge, is it yours?judgemental people are so miserable they have to drag others down and put them down to make themselves feel better.These people are fame hungry has beens!! So sorry was I being judgemental?? What a shame it's your last column…all the best for the future…”

This was indeed Houghton’s last Column at the magazine.

To further channel her disapproval of the column, Katona posted another screenshot of a rant, it said:

“Enough is enough.. I just want to say no hard feelings for your comments and kicking a mother while she is down and that I’m sure it was a last attempt of making some kind of press for yourself!! "As you of all people would know very quickly YOU yourself was judged, going out with Katie’s sloppy seconds and of course the who,,. Mmm not sure what to call it.. But as the fact my children are old enough to view tweeter, buy magazine, I won’t go there! As one day so will dolly!! Not sure about you but I know for a fact I want to teach my kids never ever to judge anyone who they’ve never met or had any contact with!! And even then if they do know them, then to put there selfs in there shoes and maybe, just maybe they would TRY to understand!!! You’ve wasted enough of my time but I’m hoping that many people will take example from you and to think before you speak! The End xxxx”

Katona tagged New! magazine and Houghton’s private Twitter accounts in both her rants.

Houghton has not yet made any comments about either her column or Katona’s statement.  Houghton, who is a mother of one, had previously received a lot of criticism from the public, after her weight gain. She has had a battle with eating disorders for the past 10 years. In April, Houghton talked about comments from Twitter trolls, calling her a “fatty” and “not good enough for a man.”