Our Solar System is Full of Mystery; Find out some of the Interesting Facts About our Solar System

February 8, 2017
First Published On: February 8, 2017

There are thousands of mysteries lies in our space one of that is our own solar system, which was formed around 4.6 billion years ago including Sun, Planets, moons, dwarf, and other different astronomical objects.

The planets in our solar system being the main interest from the ancient civilizations and from the thousands of years; the astrologers were following the position of sun, planet, and earth from ancient time based on daily life in accordance with the stars.

Interesting facts of our solar system

Many people know some of the basic facts related to our solar system. However, most people are unknown of some interesting facts about it, which we have mentioned here; 

Source: scienceabc

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Sun contains over 99% of the solar system’s mass

The star, and the largest object in our solar system, the sun holds 99.8% of total mass of solar system, all other objects contains only 0.20%. Sun has around 109 times the diameter of the Earth, approx. one million Earths could fit within the sun.

The sun is made of mostly hydrogen (main fuel), helium and solar wind its visible part is nearly 10,000 °F and in the core, it reaches up to 27 million °F

Pluto is smaller than some largest countries on Earth

The largest country in our Earth, Russia has 17,098,332 km2 land mass, which is bigger than of Pluto, its total land mass is 16,647,940 km2, also the total mass of Pluto is only 0.2% of Earth and 18% of the Moon.

The surface area of Pluto is 1.67 x 107 Km2, which is only 3.3% of the Earth surface.

Venus is hotter than Mercury

Although Mercury is the nearest Planet to the Sun it is less hot than the Venus. Venus which is surrounded by the thick layer of carbon dioxide acts as a greenhouse, the gasses allow the heat to get in, coming from the sun; however, don’t allow to leave that is making Venus hotter and hotter.

As per the space research organizations, carbon dioxide absorbs the heat, which Venus generally tries to provide off at night and regulate it on the planet enhancing temperature of the surface to about 900 0F.

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Solar system has hundreds of objects

It is not that our solar system contains only Planets, moons and the sun, however, it has also other small and large and some of these are even bigger than planets and moons.

Saturn isn’t the only planet with rings  

Not only Saturn but Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also surrounded by attractive rings, while Saturn’s rings are made of dust particles, the rings on Jupiter and Uranus are primarily composed of an electromagnetic plasma.

Saturn’s rings contain significantly higher densities than of Jupiter and Uranus, due to this higher concentration of material, the rings surrounded to the Saturn are the only rings that can see from the earth.
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Earth has Rocks from Mars, didn’t bring by humans

We have rocks, came from Mars, this is identified by scientists because they include gas identical and chemicals found similar on Mars. It’s believed these rocks came because of the asteroid hitting mars or from the volcanic explosion on the planet.

Our solar system lies in Milky Way galaxy

It is predicted that Milky Way galaxy contains more than 100 billion planets, one of these is Earth and over 200 billion stars. NASA astronomers predict that Milky Way galaxy can contain over 9 billion earth-like planets.

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