Junot Díaz Pull Out From Sydney Writers' Festival Following Claims Of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

May 6, 2018 by arjun

Junot Diaz Who Confess being raped last month withdrew from Sydney Writers festival following sexual harassment allegation.


The Pulitzer prize-winner for his 2007 novel, Junot Díaz was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior after revealing in April that he had been raped as a child. He was pulled out from the festival in the last few days following the claims of numerous harassment story leveled against him by female writers on Social Media.

The writer was confronted with the allegations by the Writer Zinzi Clemmons on both Twitter and festival event.

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As a grad student, I invited Junot Diaz to speak to a workshop on issues of representation in literature,” tweeted the writer. “I was an unknown wide-eyed 26 yo, and he used it as an opportunity to corner and forcibly kiss me.”

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The 26 years old brave student wants to know if she was the only victim of Diaz and clearly refused to be silent.

On Saturday, May 5, Diaz was withdrawn from his remaining season and believed he left Australia soon after the cancellation. Before Diaz confess that he was raped, he was asked by a reader if he has faced one which he mentioned at time of revealing his horrible childhood. But his confession has explained that his abuse has led him to mistreat women when he grew adult.

Though at that time he didn’t take the sexual accusation claims but said he was responsible for his past behavior. As per Diaz that was the reason he opened up about his childhood abuse.

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In the wake of assault allegation, Monica Byrne decides to reveal her #Metoo problem posting on Facebook that she also once experienced “verbal sexual assault,” from Diaz.